10K Yellow Gold Bracelet

When choosing a gold bracelet, it is important to take into account some basic features of this type of jewelry. First, although the word “gold” usually refers to yellow gold (the traditional gold we are all familiar with), this precious metal can be alloyed with other elements in various proportions, in order to obtain “colored gold”. Even though gold can be turned into several colored variants, the most popular with bracelets, other than the yellow variety, is white gold. Therefore, the two primary choices when it comes to the bracelet’s material are white gold and yellow gold.

Before starting a comparison, you should keep in mind that gold in its purest form is extremely soft, to the point of not being malleable into jewelry. Therefore, no matter the color, your gold is mixed with some other mundane, lesser elements.

The fact that white gold is accepted as a substitute for platinum, a valuable metal, would lead you to believe that it is the better choice. However, there is no evidence to support that either of these types of gold are more durable. Other than that, the color is the only determining factor when choosing between white or yellow gold. Personally, we prefer the yellow variety, mainly because it is considered a classic choice and suits an elegant, rather traditional style. In the end though, it is a matter of personal color preferences and how well that color suits you and the rest of your jewelry.

Up to this point, we have talked about the color of the bracelet, and we settled for a yellow gold one. The next step, and a rather important one, we might add, is choosing the purity level of the gold in your bracelet. The values for gold purity are expressed as a number of ‘karats’ (K), with 24K being pure gold. As stated above, 24K gold is not viable as jewelry material. Common values you will meet when inspecting gold jewelry are 18K, 14K and 10K. The difference between these is the amount of pure gold contained.

From a practical point of view, the lower the numeral, the paler the shine of the bracelet will be. This is often subject to personal interpretation and the difference might be just slightly noticeable. Even so, some might not be happy with a lower shine of their bracelet, but there two important advantages of lower-karat gold that you should take into consideration: lower price and higher durability.

The price of a bracelet, and in general, of gold jewelry, is proportional to the amount of gold it contains. Therefore, a 10K Yellow Gold Bracelet becomes an extremely affordable option for a minor sacrifice – one that you might not even notice.

As mentioned before, another reason to recommend a bracelet made of lower karat gold (like a 10K Yellow Gold bracelet) is the higher durability of such jewelry. As you have learned in the beginning of the article, pure gold is extremely soft. In order to make it suitable for jewelry and more durable, it is alloyed with other elements. Therefore, a 10K gold bracelet will contain the highest amount of the elements that confer durability to pure gold. As a result, a stronger, more durable piece of jewelry is obtained.

Now that we have laid out some characteristics of gold bracelets, let’s see what are the popular varieties that you can purchase. A classic beauty among the gold bracelets is the link bracelet. The design can range from simple to very elaborate, so you are most likely to find something suitable to your liking. Similarly, chain bracelets come in a large variety, due to the possibilities in the design. Some can include decorations like charms or gemstones. Cuff bracelets may have a gemstone attached. Due to their size, they are more susceptible to scratches and damage; thus, you will usually find a texture applied, in order to mask the results of daily wear.

As final thoughts, it should be said that, ultimately, picking jewelry is a matter of personal preference. However, this article can be a reference to consult when deciding what to purchase. The conclusion that we have reached is that the best choice when it comes to gold bracelets is a 10K Yellow Gold bracelet, considering the arguments in regards to style, price and durability.

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