14K White Gold Pendant

A 14k white gold pendant is a necklace pendant that features a frame that is made out of 14k white gold. 14k white gold consists of 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% of other metals such as nickel and manganese. These alloyed metals are responsible for the white color of the gold. Most white gold pendants will be made with 14k white gold as this is the most common karat amount for fine jewelry that is made with white gold.

There are many different types of 14k white gold pendants available. The pieces will vary tremendously in design and style. For instance, there are flower pendants, best friend pendants, and mother’s pendants. Flower pendants, such as a rose pendant, consist of a flower or multiple flowers that are made out of 14k white gold. The best friend pendant may say “Best Friend”, “No. 1 Friend”, or something similar. A mother’s pendant may say “MOM”, “No. 1 Mom”, or something similar.

Besides the actual design and style of the 14k white gold pendant, there will be something else that makes each piece unique. This would be the gemstones that are set in the pendant. It is very common for 14k white gold pendants to have various precious or semi precious gemstones in the pendant. Some examples of this would include valuable stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

The cost of a 14k white gold pendant would be dependent on a number of factors. If there is a chain included with the pendant then the weight of the chain will factor into the value of it. If there are any gemstones in the pendant then the specifics of them will play a major role in the actual price of the pendant. A 14k white gold pendant with valuable gemstones such as diamonds could easily see a price tag of four, five, or even six figures.

You will have to look at the gemstones that are set in the pendant. The carat weight, amount of gemstones, and quality of them will all play a major role in the value of the jewelry piece. Large and high quality diamond stones in a 14k white gold pendant could make the piece very expensive. On the other hand, a 14k white gold pendant could contain no gemstones or cheap imitation gemstones (such as cubic zirconias) and have a very affordable price tag.

White gold is already a considerably expensive type of metal. You should expect to pay a decent amount of money for a quality pendant that is made with 14k white gold. You should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for a reasonable quality 14k white gold pendant. This is still considered the lower price range but many of the pieces within this range will be visually appealing and high quality so they are worth looking into.

If you would like to purchase a 14k white gold pendant then you will have to set a budget before looking at any pieces of this type of jewelry. You may also want to look at these pendants in online jewelry stores instead of just shopping locally. This will open you up to a wider selection of 14k white gold pendants to choose from. There will be a greater chance of you finding a pendant that specifically appeals you if you were to look online as well.

If you are purchasing the pendant as a gift then there will also be many different options available for styles and designs of the pendant. You could also choose to get the piece of jewelry personalized or engraved to add a bit of sentimental value to it. Some pendants are too small and are designed so that they cannot be easily personalized or engraved. This is not always the case but you will want to take it into consideration when choosing which pendant to buy.

A 14k white gold pendant is definitely a great addition to any jewelry collection. This type of pendant is very effective when worn with a white gold chain or necklace. There are many different designs and styles of these pendants available so it should not be very difficult to find a piece that interests you. With the appealing designs available for 14k white gold pendants, they are definitely worth looking into if you are shopping for a new necklace pendant.

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