14K Yellow Gold Chains

Gold has been continuously increasing in value over the last handful of decades. This is a major reason for the euro currency having such a high conversion over the American dollar. Many individuals have invested in gold as a result of the increased value of it. Additionally, due to the tremendous increase in the cost of gold, gold jewelry has also went up in price quit a bit as well.

What is 14K Gold?
If you are going to shop for a yellow gold chain, you will need to know what different purities there are. 14k gold is very common in yellow gold chains and it would be the optimal purchase for most people. First off, the common gold purity levels for jewelry range from 9k gold to 18k gold.

Pure gold is 24k gold, which has a soft texture so it cannot be used by itself to make jewelry. Instead, the gold is turned into an alloy with various base metals. Silver and copper are two common examples of metals that are used to create an alloy with the pure gold.

The “K” after the number refers to the quantity of gold that is found in a specific piece of jewelry. The higher the number, the more gold that is present. 1 karat is equivalent to 4.167% gold. In the case of 14k gold, it would equate to 58.333% gold. To calculate the physical weight of the gold present, multiply the weight of the gold chain by 58.333% to get the total.

Why Buy a 14k Yellow Gold Chain?

A 14k gold chain is lower in gold purity than the 18k and 24k alternatives, but it is also much cheaper. The main reason to invest in a 14k yellow gold chain instead of any other purity level would be that it is the best priced chain you can buy. A heavy 14k yellow gold chain can be expensive, but it is still affordable in comparison to what you can expect to pay with an 18k or 24k gold chain.

A 14k yellow gold chain is also a great investment because it provides a unique appeal that many necklaces cannot. This is the case with the longer chains at least. You can spot many celebrities, especially rappers, wearing long gold chains. A few major names include the likes of Run DMC, Lil Wayne, Slick Rick, and T-Pain.

Choosing a 14k Yellow Gold Chain to Buy
If you decide to purchase a 14k yellow gold chain then you will have many options in regards to the style and design of the chain. One of the more popular styles is the long chain that was previously mentioned as being worn by many celebrities, especially rappers. These chains are usually both long and thick and have various designs. One style that many people like for this type of chain would be the entwined style.

You should purchase a certain 14k yellow gold chain based on your personal preference. Take a look at all of the different styles and designs that are available. Also consider if you want to put a pendant on the chain. You do not always have to use the pendant, if you want to switch up the appearance every once and a while. You can also switch between different pendants if you want to. However, make sure that the 14k yellow gold chain you choose is styled to be compatible with the pendants that you want to buy.

When shopping for a yellow gold chain it is strongly recommended that you invest in one that is 14k gold. This is the best-valued gold purity for gold chains. There is no need to invest in anything closer to pure gold with chains anyway. If you wanted a 24k gold chain, you might as well just invest in pure gold instead of getting in jewelry form.

Many of the yellow gold chains that are available are 14k so you will have a lot of selection to go through. There should be something that is tailored to your tastes specifically. Just make sure that you look for the best deal that you can get with your money and choose a chain that appeals specifically to you.

14k yellow gold chains are definitely an attractive choice when shopping for gold chain jewelry but make sure that you find one that you really like before spending any money.

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