14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring

Because of its versatility, the 14k yellow gold dome ring is one of the most popular rings. Commonly used for wedding bands, the dome ring is characterized by a rounded dome-like band/cylinder. Often dome rings are crafted with a large dome for the head, which may or may not be a setting for stones. Following are some of the most popular styles in dome rings.

Diamond Cut Dome Rings

Diamond cut dome rings are quite popular at the moment. The cylinder is rounded with the head being elevated in an elliptical dome that has lovely diamond cut markings along the edges of the head. While it is not common for the diamond cut markings to be on the circumference of the band, there are styles that do, indeed, have that feature.

Open Work 14k Yellow Gold Dome Ring
Most open work dome rings have a solid gold band with the raised dome head being intricately woven with filigree work on the head. These rings are styled for both men and women, but men’s rings tend to be much larger and less decorative. A woman’s open work gold dome ring would, of course, have filigree that is much more decorative and feminine.

Crisscross Open Dome Ring
Resembling the filigree style open work gold dome ring, the crisscross version is a pattern of straight crisscrossing patterns that look more like lattice work than filigree. A crisscross open dome ring is most suitable for a man, as the lines are stark and these rings tend to be bigger and bulkier, yet quite elegant.

Polished Satin Finished 14k Yellow Gold Dome Ring
Perhaps one of the most exquisite finishes for yellow gold is the satin finish. A polished satin finished yellow gold band and head is subtle and elegant. One of the most alluring styles in this type of ring is the woven dome ring, as the upper weave near the head forms the final dome, giving it a classic look.

Men’s Dome Wedding Band

While the traditional wedding band is simply a plain gold cylinder, a domed 14k gold wedding band provides added depth while it adds comfort by taking away sharp edges. When wearing a wedding band day in and day out, 24/7, this added comfort is greatly appreciated.

Ladies’ Dome Wedding Band
Just as the man’s domed yellow gold wedding band adds comfort for extended wear by taking away the rough edges around the inside of the cylinder, so too does the women’s band. They can be made identical to the men’s band, yet would tend to be thinner and more delicate so that it can be worn well with the engagement ring.

Ladies 14k Yellow Gold Dome Ring Sets
Simple elegance can be found in a lovely dome ring set for that special lady. This set usually consists only of a ring and tiny matching post earrings that are fashioned from the same domed head. The style can be anything from satin or diamond finish to polished yellow gold, to filigree.

Dome rings are characterized by smooth, rounded surfaces. While both the ring and the head can be domed, most commonly it is only the cylinder that is softened in this way. Sometimes the entire ring works toward the front to form one complete dome. Prices vary depending on the weight of the ring and the amount of artistry involved. Filigree and woven rings tend to run higher as do rings that may have a stone set in the dome on the head. The characteristic that is favored most by consumers is the comfort they afford as there are no sharp edges around the cylinder to cut into the fingers. 14k yellow gold dome rings are truly an all-time favorite.

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