14kt White Gold Earrings

Whether it’s a Mother’s Day gift for your Mom, a surprise present for your girlfriend, or an anniversary gift for your wife, women of all ages love a pair of 14kt white gold earrings. Are there different styles of 14kt white gold earrings? Yes, there are several different styles of 14kt white gold earrings. Here’s an explanation of the most popular styles:

  • Hoops – 14kt white gold hoop earrings form a circle. This type of earring can be thin or chunky. Some hoops are strictly 14kt white gold, while others have diamond accents. Hoops range in size from fairly small to quite large.
  • Diamond Studs – 14kt white gold stud earrings have a diamond set in them. Most studs have a straight piece of 14kt white gold with prongs on one end. The prongs are where the diamond is set. The main difference between different studs is the size of the diamond, as well as how the diamond is set in the earring.
  • Drops – 14kt white gold drop earrings are the most varied of all the popular styles. While all drop earrings dangle from the ear, because of the wide variety available, that’s the only similarity many share. Drop earrings come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles, and feature a wide variety of gemstones.

How Much Do 14kt White Gold Earrings Cost?

The amount you will pay for a pair of 14kt white gold earrings depends on how much you want to spend, as well as the type of earrings that you want to purchase. For under $50, you can find an attractive pair of 14kt white gold hoops with tiny diamond accents. For between $100 and $500, you can find a very nice pair of earrings for your special lady. If you want stud style earrings, expect to find a pair with diamond around 1/4 ct in total weight. If you are interested in a pair of hoops or drop earrings, you will be able to find a pair with small diamond accents.

If you have a budget of over $500, you will be able to purchase a pair of earrings that will take your special lady’s breath away. Once you start looking in the $800-$1,000 dollar range, you will be able to find earrings with diamonds that are 3/4 to 1 ct in total weight.

When it comes to shopping online, the old saying of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” still applies. In fact, not forgetting this saying can save you from being ripped off. To avoid getting ripped off or accidentally purchasing a pair of earrings that is fake, shop on websites that have a well-known reputation, like Amazon.com. Before making a purchase from any merchant you find during your search, be sure to take a look at their rating. When you look at their rating, you will also be able to read reviews from previous customers, which will help you determine whether or not the merchant is legitimate.

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