18 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

Gold is one of the most majestic, traditional and classic precious metals of all time. Although precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are gradually strengthening their own place in the jewelry market, gold has never lost its regal aura as the finest precious metal in the world. Gold is still quite in vogue, both in western countries and in oriental Asia.

Gold jewelry can come in three forms, depending upon the mixture of pure gold with other metals. They are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. It is important to understand that most gold jewelry that people use are in fact gold alloys, meaning that they are mixed with other metals such as copper, palladium or silver. There are two important reasons as to why pure gold is mixed with other metals. Firstly, pure gold is incredibly soft. It will scratch easily and as thus, is very vulnerable. However, when it is mixed with other hard metals such as copper or silver, the jewelry made from it is also harder in nature, making it suitable for rough use in daily life. Secondly, gold mixed with other metals is more likely to last longer than pure gold, thus ensuring longevity. Yellow gold has the largest share of pure gold. It is made by mixing pure gold with copper or zinc. Yellow gold is by far the most popular choice of gold jewelry lovers around the world.

Carat is a measure of purity of gold – the amount of gold content in the jewelry. Pure gold as mentioned above will amount to twenty four caret gold, meaning that it is 100% gold or twenty four parts gold. The 18 carat gold samples will amount to 75% gold, i.e. eighteen parts of it being gold and the rest of the six parts being other metals. Needless to say, the higher the caret, purer is the gold jewelry and thus higher is the price.

Gold rings are widely used as wedding rings and engagement rings, especially in the subcontinent. Gold jewelry is durable. It is also an incredible store of wealth since gold prices rise everyday. Because of these reasons, even when today diamonds are rapidly gaining market in wedding ring category, gold ring is still the first choice of young brides and bride grooms. Nowadays, gold rings are being made stylish by using encrusted gemstones in it. Yellow gold has always been the classic of all gold types, exuding that rich yellow color that shines regally on its own, without the help of light reflecting on it, as required by some other gemstones.

There is a stamp on the jewelry indicating the caret it contains. An 18 carat gold ring will have a stamp of 750 on it. Men’s wedding ring is usually of 9 carets, 14 carats, and 18 carats. 22 caret and 24 carat gold rings are so soft that it cannot be used as men’s wedding ring. Since 18-carat gold is hard enough to be used as jewelry, rings made out from this type are quite popular in both men and women’s jewelry. These rings can come in various designs. It can be a plain gold band, an engraved Celtic wedding band, a ring with a solitaire diamond in the center or a lovely Chanel Camellia ring with an intertwined flower design in the middle. Yellow gold rings can be exquisite in a number of ways, and thus, are well worth the price with which they are bought. Their magnificence and elegance are unmatched. As rings are special – and personal these yellow gold rings are befitting for occasions like weddings. After all, they represent the same qualities – durability and beauty.

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