18k Gold Watch with Swiss Precision

There is nothing quite like an 18k gold watch, but an 18k gold watch with the precision of Swiss clockworks is something beyond wonderful. Whether it is a designer watch set with diamonds, rubies or other precious stones or just a plain and simple 18k gold Swiss watch, you can be assured that it will be the best on the market in terms of mechanics, style and durability.

The Best of the Best

Most of us think of a Rolex as top of the line, however, there are other watches, Breitling for example, that are even pricier, and some of them are over $1 million dollars! Of course those watches have literally hundreds of jewels and took over 10,000 manpower hours to assemble, but that is the precision of the Swiss. Even without the jewels on the face and band, the watch itself would cost tens of thousands of dollars. It is all in the craftsmanship of the Swiss when it comes to clockworks.

Putting Things in Perspective
Of course there are few people in the world who actually own million dollar, diamond adorned 18k gold or platinum Swiss watches, but there are millions of people who own an 18k gold watch that was crafted with the precision that only the Swiss are famous for. These watches may cost as little as $300 or they may run thousands of dollars, but they are incomparable in craftsmanship and fashion. Among the trendiest watches that would be considered high end, but at times affordable, are Rolex, Omega and Tissot.

Most Famous is the Rolex

Although not the most expensive Swiss 18k gold watch, the Rolex has become synonymous with success. To own a Rolex means that you have achieved some level of ‘wealth’ above average, or some achievement that warranted being awarded a fashionable and coveted Rolex. Prices range from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. These watches are by no stretch of the imagination ‘cheap’ but they are not the most expensive either. That being said, the craftsmanship of a Rolex is unsurpassed.

Omega and Tissot
While not as famous as the Rolex, both Omega and Tissot are Swiss luxury watches that are, for the most part, comparable in price to the Rolex. They also run into thousands of dollars, but again like Rolex, are worth every penny of the price. Although Omega and Tissot predate Rolex by more than half a century, they never seemed to gain the same notoriety that the Rolex enjoys. The unfortunate aspect of this is that both Swiss companies produce watches just as fine in craftsmanship and style as Rolex.

Everyman’s (and Women’s) Swiss Watch
Unfortunately, because the most famous Swiss watches tend to be too expensive for the average person, many of us don’t realize that there is a Swiss watch that has all the makings of a great watch, yet is affordable to us. An 18k gold Bulova watch may cost thousands of dollars, but an 18k gold and steel Bulova watch can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars. The craftsmanship is Swiss, but the price is more in keeping with what the average person can afford.

Even watches without the precision or quality of a Swiss watch can cost thousands of dollars when fashioned in 18k gold. Style is something that literally any fashion designer can match, but the workings of a watch are something else altogether. A Swiss 18k gold watch is worth more than ‘the sum of all its parts’ simply because it is made with craftsmanship that evolved over hundreds of years, and as a result, cannot be equaled.

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