18k White Gold Necklace

White gold has always been one of the most popular choices for people when it comes to buying necklaces or any other kind of jewelry. Just like silver, it pretty much goes with anything and it’s in style because you see a lot more people wearing it nowadays compared to yellow gold or any other jewelry. 18k white gold necklace is very ideal to wear to dress up or down, depending on the style of the necklace.

Why do people like 18k White Gold?
One of the main reasons that people tend to yield more towards buying a white gold necklace rather than just regular gold, is because white gold is considered to be more unique. According to most people, yellow gold tends to clash with certain outfits and people are limited on what to wear it with when it comes to accessorizing with clothes or shoes. On the other hand, white gold is a lot more appealing and a lot easier to match up with your attire.

Depending on the size and the style of a white gold necklace, it can pretty much be worn with anything that you might have in your wardrobe. Other people might choose white gold because of their skin being sensitive to silver. Since a white gold necklace favors a silver necklace they are hard to tell apart. Regular silver can turn the skin green which is why some would rather wear white gold. White gold is also different to wear since people have been wearing yellow gold for so long. Yellow gold is just the traditional look and it seems as though most people are burned out on the traditional look. Different always appears to be better and more attractive to many people when it comes to jewelry.

Another reason why people like white gold is because it looks like platinum. Platinum is a lot more expensive than white gold and people buy it to wear it as a substitute for white gold. Know your metals because if someone wanted to fool you with an 18k white gold necklace by telling you that it is platinum then you’ll end up paying a lot more for it unnecessarily.

Since an 18k white gold necklace is a neutral color then it would look just fabulous with diamonds on it. Diamonds and other neutral colored stones look a lot nicer and more appealing on white gold. It also looks great on every skin tone and different hair colors as well.

Finding Deals on an 18k White Gold Necklace
There are many places available online and in stores that carry 18k white gold necklaces. It is all up to you where you decide to go. It’s best to not jump into buying a white gold necklace the minute you find something that you like, especially if you’re buying from a small jewelry store that’s privately owned. The reason for this is because some places will try to sell you a so-called 18k white gold necklace that is not even real white gold. You need to be able to distinguish between white gold and other types of metals so that you know that you aren’t being ripped off.

Private sellers also exist online on websites such as ebay.com and craigslist.org. Some private sellers might think that they are selling you an 18k white gold necklace and then later when you buy it an experienced jeweler will tell you that it is not white gold; so just be very leery of private sellers. Other than watching out for whether or not the white gold is the real thing or not, you can find awesome deals on white gold if you take your time to compare prices so that you can make the right choice when it is time to buy it.

Taking Care of your White Gold
Just like with any other jewelry, your 18k white gold necklace will need to be taken good care of, which means that you will need to clean it on a regular basis. Believe it or not, when your 18k white gold necklace gets dirty, it will be a lot more prone to getting damaged. 18k white gold necklaces that have big chain links can easily accumulate lots of dirt in them, especially if they are not properly stored in a box for jewelry or a protective container. When the dirty builds up in the space inside the links, it can make your 18k white gold necklace break easily.

Most of the times though, necklaces usually break if they are tangled on something or snagged, and this is why it’s best to have a jewelry case that are able to ‘hang’ your necklace inside of. Since your 18k white gold necklace can and will fade over time, you should get a new rhodium coat on it so that it will look brand new again. To do this you will need to take your necklace to a jeweler that specializes in coating necklaces with rhodium.

Make sure that you also don’t wear your jewelry over-night, which can cause it to tarnish or have a dingy look a lot faster. If you will be storing on a flat surface, do so on a soft micro-fiber cloth. You can also buy jewelry cleaner at local jewelry stores to clean your jewelry nice and clean so that it will last a lot longer. You may also use warm water and mild soap for cleaning it as well.

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