18K Yellow Gold Bracelet

Bracelets are timeless, and 18 karat yellow gold bracelets are no exception. 18k yellow gold bracelets allow you all the beauty of pure 24k gold, with the affordability and strength of lower purity gold bracelets.

18k Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelets
Gold bangle bracelets have become the “go-to” accessory for adding a touch of character and class to any look. Bangle bracelets are very simple, just a single gold loop that fits around the hand, and is solid. Think of a hoola-hoop for your wrist.

Gold bangles are sold in two different varieties: a solid gold metal bracelet or a hollow bracelet. Hollow bracelets are far less expensive since they use only a fraction of the gold that a solid gold bracelet would use, but they tend to be far less sturdy. A hollow bracelet should only be worn when you expect that you won’t have to use your hands at all, since a simple pinch of the band between your wrist and a hard surface (a table, for instance) can damage the bracelet.

Solid gold bangles are far more expensive because of the amount of gold, but have a sturdier look and can withstand far more action. If you plan on wearing a yellow gold bangle bracelet more than just occasionally, a solid gold bangle would be more up your alley since it should easily stand the test of time. Luckily, whether in solid or hollow form, gold does not rust or degrade, and cleaning is a breeze!

Since bangle bracelets are generally thicker than other chain type bracelets, they can be readily personalized for someone looking for jewelry that is unique to them. Also, for this reason, they make great gifts as well. A very hot trend are gold bangle bracelets for children that show their name or initials. These make excellent baby shower presents and the child is sure to cherish the bracelet for years!

18k Link Gold Bracelets
Another timeless piece is the link yellow gold bracelet. The links can be very simple, from a single chain, to as complex as dozens of chains that are masterfully braided together to form a single larger piece. There are also bracelets in the link category that are made with a single gold chain with numerous smaller balls attached at differing points along the link like a fine set of golden pearls.

Due to the fact that it takes more gold to make a chain than a single strip of gold, link gold bracelets are generally far more expensive than other kinds of yellow gold bracelets. (Believe it or not, a single ounce of gold can be beaten so thin it can cover an acre of land!)

Mesh bracelets also fall under the link category since they involve a number of gold strings that are woven together to form a mesh-like final product. These can be both stiff (more like bangles) or lax, depending on the tightness of the gold wire and how long the bracelet need be.

Gold Isn’t Going Anywhere
Gold has been a fashion accessory for thousands of years, and will probably be just as sought after one thousand years from now. Thanks to the development of a number of different qualities and types of gold bracelets, everyone can find one that fits both their budget and style, and is uniquely theirs.

Consider purchasing a yellow gold bracelet either for yourself or a friend. With some personalization, you or your friends will have a piece of quality jewelry that can be worn day in and day out for years and years.

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