18K Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Most fine jewelry is consistent of either 14k gold or 18k gold. 14k gold is made up of 58.3% gold, which allows for strong jewelry as the other 41.7% is made up of other metals. 18k gold is made up of 75% gold, which provides a much richer gold appearance but only 25% of it is made up of other metals. This means that 14k gold is stronger than 18k gold, but it does not have such a rich gold look to it and it is not as valuable.

Should You Purchase a 14k or 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band?
When shopping for a yellow gold wedding band it is important to decide ahead of time whether you want a 14k gold or 18k gold band. There will be advantages and disadvantages to each type of ring. The 14k gold will obviously be stronger built and more affordable, which is a major benefit if you want expensive gemstones in the ring. If you want the richest gold appearance possible, then the 18k yellow gold wedding band would be a better choice.

Most people go with the 14k yellow gold wedding band, as it is more affordable. It will not have as rich of a gold appearance as 18k yellow gold but it is usually acceptable for most people. There are still many points that could be argued for wanting to buy an 18k yellow gold wedding band as well.

Why Buy an 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band
If you can afford the higher cost of 18k yellow gold then there are many reasons why you may want to buy this instead. First off, if the ring is being used as a wedding band then you want it to be as visually appealing as possible. 18k yellow gold is the richest gold that can be used for fine jewelry. There will be no better option if you want to showcase the beauty of the gold contents in the ring.

If the durability was the most important factor in your choice, then you could just buy a stainless steel ring, but that is not a great choice if it is being used as a wedding band. Most people really do not bother looking at the strength of the ring, as a wedding band is something that is meant to be well taken care of. A more delicate ring is fine if it means that it is more visually appealing as well.

Buying an 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band
If you have decided that you want to buy an 18k yellow gold wedding band then there will be some things to consider before looking for the right ring to buy. Some of the important factors in your decision include the price, gem settings, and ring style.

You will need to set a strict budget right away and only look at rings within that set amount. The gem settings refer to the types of gemstones, where they are placed, and how many there are in the ring. This will be a major factor in the overall visual appeal and value of the ring. The ring style relates to the full design of the ring. There are many different styles such as classic, princess cut, bypass rings, and more.

You should spend some time looking for the specific type of design for a wedding band that you find most appealing. You may even want to look for an appealing wedding band set or package with the engagement rings. There are many different choices when it comes to buying a wedding band so you should not feel limited. Just take a look at the various styles of 18k yellow gold wedding bands and pick out a specific one that both you and your future wife like.

An 18k yellow gold wedding band is one of the more common choices for wedding rings. It showcases the beautiful yellow gold color perfectly and complements any gemstones in the ring as well. If you want to get the most attractive and valuable yellow gold wedding band then it is definitely recommended that you opt to 18k gold instead of 14k gold. 18k yellow gold wedding bands are the top choice of wedding rings and there are many of them available to choose from. Also, they are definitely the top choice for anyone looking for the highest quality of wedding band possible.

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