8mm Pearl Rings

Pearls are considered to be among the most elegant of precious stones. It might not have the dazzling color of deep blue sapphires, or the sparkling characteristics of diamonds, but its glassy polished sheen and smooth surface makes it look very sophisticated in jewelry such as rings, tops, and necklaces. The only gem produced by a living animal, a pearl doesn’t have to be cut or polished. Pearls are usually found round and smooth in shape, although other shapes of pearl are known to be produced inside the shell of mollusks, where pearls are produced. The most valuable pearls are those which are produced naturally in seas and freshwater. They are the most expensive, naturally occurring pearls from sea being more expensive than that produced in freshwater. There are cultured and artificial pearls as well which are relatively less expensive, catering to the budget range of the less affluent. Pearls come in different shapes, thus making them suitable for many different types of jewelry. Eight basic shapes are round, button, semi-round, drop, oval, pear, circled, and baroque. Button pearls and pear-shaped pearls are used in making single pendants and earrings.

Pearl necklaces were a vital adornment of women of royalty. There are too many portraits of queens and princesses adorning their necklines with pearl necklaces. Robes were embroidered with pearls. It was a symbol of power, wealth and sophistication in those times. In recent times, pearl rings are seen as a popular accessory to complement apparels. Pearl jewelry is also within the budget range of the middle class since cultured and artificial pearls are inexpensive to produce.

Pearl rings can go with almost any outfit, probably because there is a wide range of pearl colors to choose from. They come in black, white, pink, brown, blue, chocolate, green and red. There are gray-colored pearls featuring the color of champagne. There are baby blue pearls and pearls in magenta and violet. The size of the pearl is measured in millimeters. It is nothing but the diameter of the pearl. Thus an 8mm pearl ring means the pearl in the ring has a diameter of 8mm. It can be as small as one millimeter incase of very tiny pearls, and as much as twenty millimeters as is the case for South Sea pearls. A pearl larger than 9mm is very scarce. The average pearl size is about 7mm. Generally, larger the pearl more valuable it is.

Pearl rings are often accentuated with precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and platinum to complement is shiny luster. Single pearls bounded with trendy designs and works make chic jewelry for ring-lovers. It can be an expensive pink freshwater pearl in 10 caret white gold accentuated with Pink Tourmaline stones and white quartz. It can be an inexpensive pearl saddle ring with gold plated works. It can be a single chocolate pearl in sterling silver. It can be a freshwater heart pearl ring with a white gold overlay. It can be a luxurious looking but cheap freshwater pink pearl bounded by cube zirconia diamonds in an 18 carat gold overlay. It can be a genuine round pearl ring in solid 14 caret gold and cubic zirconia crystals. It can be a dolphin design chocolate pearl ring with 18 caret gold overlay. It can be a black pearl ring with snow flower design. It can be a magnificent curve designer pear ring with intricate silver works around it.

Pearl rings are personal gifts. They can be promise rings, pre-engagement rings, engagement rings and so on. Although the modern jewelry enthusiasts revel over the likes of diamonds and platinum, pearl jewelry have always retained their sophistication and elegance over the years.

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