Alexandrite Rings

There is something almost hypnotic about an alexandrite as it changes colors when exposed to different lights. You will find someone staring at an alexandrite ring, sometimes without even realizing it, because it is so fascinating to watch the light play off it, giving so many colors and shades of colors that it is truly mesmerizing. While it is one of the ‘newest’ gemstones, only discovered in the 19th century, it is one of the most remarkable and sought after gemstones by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

A Little Bit of Russian History
When you see an authentic alexandrite ring, you should know that there is some real history behind that amazing color-changing stone. It was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia on the exact date that the Czar’s son (the future Czar of Russia) came of age. As a result, in honor of this day the stone was named after Alexander II, and alexandrite came into being. For the next 150+ years it was thought that the only place on earth that this rare stone could be found was in Russia, but in 1987 it was located in Brazil.

Alexandrite from the “New World”
Most alexandrite currently on the market is mined in Brazil, although it is not of the same quality as Russian alexandrite. The colors aren’t as vibrant, but it is still possible to detect the signature variations in hues (called the alexandrite effect) as the lighting changes. Even though there is an alternate source for this remarkable gem, alexandrite still remains one of the world’s rarest stones, so a genuine alexandrite ring is a treasure indeed. Whether it is set with diamonds or other precious stones, there is nothing as alluring as a good quality alexandrite.

Mystical Powers and Healing Ability of Alexandrite
An alexandrite is said to be the stone of ‘good omen.’ Many people believe that wearing an alexandrite ring brings positive forces into play in their lives. It helps them to focus and stay in touch with their ‘center,’ while bringing joy and positive self esteem into one’s life. In the metaphysical realm, wearing an alexandrite ring is thought to heal the nervous system, bringing peace to the person wearing the ring and is worn to alleviate problems with the pancreas and spleen.

Alexandrite Rings Deserve to be Set in Gold or Platinum
You will find a good number of ‘alexandrite’ rings on the market that are set in sterling silver. If you find a listing for an alexandrite ring in silver, look for the words ‘lab created.’ If it is a genuine alexandrite, it should never be set in anything less than 14k gold at a bare minimum. Most often, due to the rarity and beauty of this stone, it is set in 18k white or yellow gold, or in platinum. A quality alexandrite ring is beautiful as a solitaire (sole stone) or in a setting with diamonds, but will always be set in precious metal. To get an idea of just how valuable a genuine alexandrite ring is, consider the fact that a typical alexandrite and diamond ring, with only 1/4 carat weight in diamonds is normally listed at $7,000 to $8,000. (That’s with only a tiny portion of diamonds!)

Alexandrite is one of the alternate birthstones of Gemini along with moonstones and pearls so an alexandrite ring would be the ideal gift for that significant other who is born under the sign of the twins. However, it is also a truly wonderful stone to gaze upon as the color will go through so many changes as you twist and turn your hand to catch the rays of light in various angles. Of all stones, nothing is as captivating as an alexandrite ring.

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