Amethyst Diamond Necklace

There are many women who would really like to possess an amethyst diamond necklace with their jewelry collection. The amethyst is a gemstone that is viewed by a lot of women as an essential piece of jewelry to have that will compliment nearly any outfit. A diamond is of course, a girl’s best friend and the amethyst is a most prized precious stone. As a necklace, the amethyst diamond necklace is lovely to behold and is always going to be admired by women and most men who love fine jewelry on their significant other too. When made as an amethyst diamond necklace, the bright gemstone color will bring out a woman’s natural beauty and put a shine on her face. What woman can resist a dazzling amethyst diamond necklace? Not many, you can be certain of that. As purple quartz the amethyst stone is a highly valued rock stone. These precious stones were first discovered in the early 19th century in South America. Amethysts appear as crystals which have six sides. They are the crystalline crusts which cover the rocks where they are found. The crystallized purple or magenta colored rock is very interesting to behold and has been used in fine jewelry for centuries. As a gift, an amethyst diamond necklace is the perfect one for a 4th, 6th or 17th wedding anniversary.

The birth stone associated with the month of February is the Amethyst. It holds a special value for anyone born in that month. The soft purple color of this stone can compliment just about any color of attire. If you are shopping for one of these necklaces you will have to several factors into consideration. The first consideration is how much are you willing to pay for a fine amethyst diamond necklace? The ones with diamonds are obviously going to cost a lot more than a simple amethyst beaded necklace. Amethyst diamond necklaces are becoming more popular than ever. Trendy new styles and designs are being released all the time. Such a necklace is meant to make an amazing impression of elegance and youth anytime a woman wears one.

You should also consider the type of metal that your necklace will be set in. You best option is to choose one with a white gold or Sterling silver setting and chain. The color of this stone does not look particularly as beautiful when set in yellow gold and this is why one set in silver is preferable. Another thing to consider is what style you are trying to accessorize. No matter what style you are going for you will be sure that your amethyst diamond necklace will enhance it.

There are lots of jewelers you can go to and find amethyst diamond necklaces. Before deciding on which necklace is the one for you, it is recommended that you spend some time online viewing the various ones that are available from the online jewelry stores. Exquisite amethyst diamond necklaces are available online. Diamond accents have a way of making them highly valuable and very much appreciated. You can evaluate gems on any amethyst diamond necklace by their clarity and carat. The way the stone is cut and the richness of the color should be considered as well.

To be sure you are getting the best quality amethyst look for the deep purple which has rose-colored flashes. You can purchase these necklaces in specialized jewelry stores in your community where you can even take your existing necklace, if you have one, into the store and ask for the valuation of the stones. To avoid fakes you will want to be sure to buy a reputable jewelry store. Many online jewelry stores are as reputable as those you can find in your local area. The difference is, the online stores will have a wider selection. You can also view the various necklaces online as well before you buy.

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