If you are looking for a truly unusual stone, ametrine would be ideal. As a blend of both amethyst and citrine, ametrine is both lavender/purple and yellow/orange in one unique stone. When looking for an ametrine stone of good quality you would want one with a good split in colors. There are some truly astonishing ametrine stones and master jewelers and artisans love to work with them because a great number of effects can be accomplished when cutting the crystal in a specific way.

Ametrine History and Lore

Ametrine was first introduced to the world in the mid 17th century when a Spanish conquistador became betrothed to a princess in Bolivia. The king gave the conquistador a mine from which these heretofore unheard of stones were found. When he brought them back to Spain they were an instant source of wonder and since have been a favorite for their amazing play of colors. Ametrine is said to have the metaphysical properties of both amethyst and citrine along with unique healing properties of its own, including the ability to aid in meditation while being a balm for the nerves.

The Versatility of Ametrine

While other gemstones look better in either silver or gold, one or the other, ametrine because of its bi-color characteristics can be set in either white or yellow metals with equal elegance. For instance, amethyst shows better in white gold or silver than in yellow gold while topaz works best in yellow gold. Because both purple and yellow grace an ametrine, it can be set in white or yellow gold or sterling silver. In fact, this is one stone that is often set in two tone gold.

Sterling Silver Ametrine Pendants
Artisans have crafted an amazing number of sterling silver ametrine pendants that have an antique appeal and can be worn either for casual or dress. With a stone as exotic as an ametrine, hand crafted jewelry is by far some of the loveliest. Ametrines can be cut in a number of ways to highlight one color over the other or with a perfect split of both colors, and a pendant catches the eye because of its location on the body. Many ametrine pendants are meant to hang just below the color bone for the fullest effect.

Ametrine Rings
Because ametrine is relatively hard on the Mohs scale at roughly 7, it makes a nice durable stone for a ring. Some stones are quite lovely, yet are not hard enough to be worn for rings or as charms on bracelets. Not so an ametrine. Some remarkable effects can be achieved as the wearer moves his or her hand about and the crystalline stone catches the light from varying angles. A good craftsman will cut the stone to highlight this quality.

Earrings, Charms and Brooches
To complete the set, there are a great number of complementary pieces that have ametrine as the central stone. Earrings, charms and brooches can be found with ametrine in the settings and the amazing thing is that this is one stone that can be worn for anyone with a purple or a yellow birthstone! You would think ametrine would be quite expensive since it only comes from one central location on earth, yet it is quite reasonable in comparison to other gemstones found in localized areas.

There isn’t another stone quite like an ametrine because of the perfect blend of opposing colors in the crystalline structure. Perhaps the reason ametrine is chosen as a calming or balancing stone is for this very reason. Just as purple and yellow balance each other out on the color spectrum, ametrine is able to help the wearer achieve a perfect balance. Reasonably priced, although rare, ametrine is the perfect gift when looking for something out of the ordinary.

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