Angel Wing Pendant

Angel wing pendants are charms which connect the dots between the auspicious self-image of prosperity and the vigilant angles of the gifts of life. They might be inexpensive depending upon its material, but they have intrinsic value as souvenirs, as mementos of special occasions. They can be treasured gifts from loved ones which retain memories even when the person is no longer there. Most of all, they are tangible symbols of faith and belief that whenever something is amiss, there is a guardian angel to take care of it, to protect one from evil, both within and outside, and save someone from rough patches of life. In medieval ages, people have been known to wear unusual stones and artifacts to keep evil spirits at bay. Knights were often known to carry charms with them in battles. They were carried to offer protection against epidemic diseases. Queen Victoria revolutionized the fashion of wearing charms back in her days, which in turn persuaded others to follow suit. These charms took form of jewelry, often bought by soldiers of World War II as trinkets to give to their sweethearts.

Outrageous as it sounds, there are people out there who believe in such things. And it is not the miraculous happenings or events that make these angel wing pendants special. It is the unflinching belief and faith in the pendant that people think acts as a talisman against daily mishaps. An angel wing pendant attached to a chain makes a necklace that can be worn daily. The pendant can be tucked inside a pencil box to supposedly bring good luck in exams. A wing pendant attached to a silver bracelet can be worn in job interviews to bring divine luck. One could be successful in the interview without the presence of the wing pendant, but it is the faith that makes the person concludes that the angel wing has done its magic. It is this faith that makes angel wing pendants unique.

Moving aside the notion of faith, angel wings are a fashionable wear for stylish men and women, much like what Christian crosses has become of late. The can be worn on different occasions, in bangles, bracelets or necklaces. A wing pendant can even be hung from a cell phone. There are many styles and designs to choose from when it comes to angel wing pendants. They are made from a range of different materials, and thus provide a wide range of prices as well, catering to the needs of those who are budget conscious. Charms commonly come in shape of a cherub with wings. There are also praying angel charms, mischievous angel charms, flying angel charms, or thoughtful angel charms. To add a bit of flair, these charms can be accentuated with precious gemstones like small diamonds, sapphires or rubies. They can be made of solid gold, white gold, sterling silver or platinum. Personalized messages, quotes or names can be engraved on charms which are flat medallions with wings engraved on them. There are heart angle wing pendants, silver-toned crystal angel wings, gold-toned crystal wings, triple wings in white gold, double wings sterling silver pendant and many more in various designs.

Angel wing pendants may sometimes be referred as trifle notions of people, who are hyped up and bear something which is not practical. In fact, what they fail to fathom is the exact meaning the wearers try to demonstrate – a profoundly intimate touch of life which suggests all that is good, untouched by evil. Be it in a symbolic or metaphysical perspective, the sheer sense of personality these pendants display on behalf of its wearers is immense, and nothing could be more subjective than the sheer beauty of it. After all, if uniqueness defines a person, angel wing pendants bring a drastic level of uniqueness to each of its bearers.

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