Anne Klein Earrings

Anne Klein, a New Yorker, is synonymous with sophistication and style. She enjoyed designing from an early age and eventually started in her own business in 1968 which has grown from strength to strength despite her unfortunate passing on in 1974. Initially known for clothes and outer apparel, the Anne Klein design range has extended to include jewelry, watches and other exciting accessories to complement everyday wear. This range continues to grow and every year, there are exciting ranges of design being launched. There are of course still the vintage Anne Klein earrings available as well as the more modern varieties. Whatever your choice, the outstanding quality and range will still prevail and can be recognized by discerning tastes all over the world.

Anne Klein earrings are very much sought after and make a stunning fashion statement to any outfit. There are a huge variety of different styles, sizes and statements. Some are large and bold, others more understated and demure. These suit every mood and occasion as well as their prices are reasonable too as they are made from a variety of different mediums including enamel, goldtone, silvertone, simulated pearls and previous stones.

Many people choose to accessorize their outfits and it is true accessories can turn an ordinary outfit into a remarkable statement. Anne Klein earrings are no exception. Although called “costume jewelry”, Anne Klein earrings are so much more than that. The unique pieces are more stylish than even some of the individually designed pieces available in more expensive gold and platinum variations by other designers and individuals. Most of Anne Klein earrings are made from relatively cheaper materials such as rhinestones, faux or simulated pearls, goldtone or silver plate. This gives them a chic look yet comes within the budget of many folks.

Pierced or clip-on?
Not everyone has their ears pierced and this can be a real disadvantage in available styles as so many designers cater for the pierced ear community. However, Anne Klein earrings are different. As much attention to detail, design and price has been paid to the clip-on model as it has been paid to the pierced model. The variety is as extensive and you can choose from drop down earrings for clip-on as well as button-style earrings that clip on your earlobes comfortably. In fact, the design is so effective that no one would ever know whether the earring were clip-on or not. This is a long way away from the dowdy earring selection usually available for people who do not have their earlobes pierced. For a stylish evening accessory, consider the Anne Klein simulated pearl earrings and team these up with a matching necklace or bracelet. You could even add in an Anne Klein watch or scarf. Simple but stunning with a little black number will make you stand out as the belle of the ball.

What designs to choose?
One of the most popular is the lion button stud; it is so shiny and looks brilliant on. There is also a matching bracelet for this to give the perfect finishing touch. Not all Anne Klein earrings are limited to stones and dangles. Anne Klein has a number of enameled earrings that are very chic, ranging from plain enameled color to geometric design. If you like earrings that hang down, there are some super cluster type earrings of intertwining gold hoops, or perhaps you prefer a style that looks like gemstones – there is certainly something for everyone out there in the Anne Klein collection. The range of shapes is very appealing too. Square, oblong, concentric, round, oval, in fact just about any shape you could dream up, all in the choice of either clip-on or pierced model. In addition, some of the ‘stone’ varieties are available in different colors too. Whatever your choice or preference, you will easily find uniquely styled Anne Klein earrings that just beg to be bought.

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