Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarine gemstones are extremely popular because of their fascinating look. They are used for making all kinds of jewelry that people enjoy wearing today, and most of the attention that is given to this precious stone is by women. Gemstone can be found in necklaces and bracelets, but most women enjoy wearing aquamarine stones in earrings. This jewel is not only very unique, but it’s also not as expensive as other jewel stones so anyone can afford to wear it.

Aquamarine earrings can be very colorful
Aquamarine earrings are not just found in one simple color alone, but there are several different unique tints such as blue-green, yellow, and several other different shades of blue. Aquamarine earrings are probably what you would see many women wearing that have a birthday in March because it is also a birthstone. The most popular color that you will find when you see these beautiful gemstones being worn in earrings or any other jewelry is Clear Ocean blue.

Other Facts about aquamarine earrings
As mentioned before, the colors of the Aquamarine stone varies in different color tones and because it can be greenish at times it is a stone that is related to the Emerald. The meaning of Aquamarine is “sea water”, and it’s pretty apparent that sea water can vary from different colors of blue to dark greenish just like the stone. Aquamarine earrings give that wonderful formal outfit a nice and classy touch, and what adds more confidence to those that wear earrings with aquamarine stones in them; confidence is actually one of the qualities associated with this stone. The stone has a symbolic meaning of happiness and long youth.

You can match up a nice pair of aquamarine earrings with other stones such as black pearls, diamonds, and sapphires to give your outfit a distinctive and sophisticated look. For those of you women that have blue or green eyes, the aquamarine earrings will noticeably bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Matching the Earrings with your features
It is important to know what to wear with aquamarine earrings, because you cannot just match up any type of outfit with them. Any outfit that might clash with them will simply just make the earrings look rather tacky.

One of the things to consider when buying aquamarine earrings is the shape of your face; you will need to choose the right size earrings to give your face a more dazzling look. Tear-drop type earrings would fit a round face very well, and will balance out the roundness of your face, giving you a more elegant look. For the lovely long faces, you will want to wear aquamarine earrings that are a bit more compact such as studs are small dangle earrings. Larger aquamarine earrings would probably look best on women that have short hair, giving the woman flashy and stylish look that will also compliment her hairdo as well.

Aquamarine earrings look dazzling on any woman that wants to wear them no matter what is the tone of the skin, simply because there are so many different tones to choose from. Lighter tones look best on tanned or darker skin while the darker sea blue colored stones look fabulous on lighter skin. It is truly your own choice of what color earrings you prefer to wear, but following these considerations you’ll likely get best results.

More things to Know about aquamarine earrings
If you’ve never shopped for a pair of aquamarine earrings, you should know exactly what they look like because they can easily be confused for topaz stone earrings which look very similar to the aquamarine stone. You can find aquamarine earrings with stones in them that go all the way up to fifteen carats. Of course, after that they start to get a lot more expensive.

Make sure you clean your aquamarine earrings on a regular basis so that they stones will stay in decent shape and continue to look new. Stones that are more pale or lighter in color need a lot more attention in staying clean because the color will become a lot more pale over time if dirt continues to accumulate too much over time.

Believe it or not, there is a special history behind the aquamarine stone and even today some people still believe that the aquamarine stone will bring them some sort of special protection while they wear it in jewelry or just carry the stone around. Some believe that if they wear jewelry such as aquamarine earrings that their communication skills will increase and they will be a lot more charismatic. Others believe that the stone will cause them to be relaxed and calm while they are wearing it and that sunburns and fever symptoms will diminish while wearing it. As mentioned before, these are simply myths and should not be something that you should count on to happen when you buy the gemstones in jewelry.

There are so many other things to be said about this wonderful stone when it comes to myths and other tales, but the main reason that most people enjoy the stone is because of its value and beauty. Aquamarine earrings are very elegant which is why many women are attracted to wearing as opposed to other expensive stones, and they are affordable. You can easily do more research on Aquamarine earrings and gemstones online and you can even view pictures of the gemstones online to see what they look like.

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