Asscher Cut Diamond Earrings

There are many different cuts available when it comes to diamonds. The cut is one of the all-important 4 C’s (clarity, color, carat and cut.) Examples of different diamond cuts include round, emerald, marquise, princess and Asscher. This cut is named after the Royal Asscher Diamond Company who created it. Created by Joseph Asscher, this cut was a hallmark of the Art Deco style but is highly popular today. If you’re shopping for earrings consider a pair of Asscher cut diamond earrings, which will become a treasured part of your jewelry collection and possibly a family heirloom as well.

The shape of this diamond is square, but the corners are deeply cut which gives the stone almost an octagon appearance. The stone feature multiple steps and is sometimes referred to as the square emerald cut. It is similar to a cushion cut diamond also. Unlike step cut emerald stones, the Asscher cut has a more fiery and dazzling look due to the number and positioning of the step cuts. This cut is patented, so if you buy Asscher cut diamond earrings make sure your jeweler shows you proof of authenticity such as the official insignia and identification number.

Most Asscher diamonds are held in a prong setting. Many are smaller than other cuts because a stone too large detracts from the unique beauty of this cut. You can go for earrings as small as a quarter carat, half carat, three-fourths carat or even a whole carat depending on your budget and what is most flattering to your face. Most women can carry off any size, just beware of carat weights that are excessively large as the earrings may look gaudy. No matter what your hairstyle or color Asscher cut diamond earrings are going to look gorgeous, and are appropriate for every day and every event.

Be prepared to pay more for the Asscher cut than for other cuts of comparable size, color and clarity. One reason for this is because of the unique design, and the high end company from which this cut originates. Many celebrities adore the Asscher cut and choose it for earrings and diamond engagement rings. You don’t have to be a star to wear this type of diamond, however. You may just have to settle for a smaller carat weight and do some comparison shopping to get the best price. In some cases buying pre-owned diamond jewelry from Ebay or the classifieds can save you a fortune.

Once you have chosen Asscher cut diamond earrings as your preference, the next step is deciding what precious metal you want for the setting. Sterling silver is nice but not nearly up to par with the Asscher diamond. Platinum or gold are recommended. Platinum is heavy, hard and stunningly beautiful, it goes very well with the brilliant flash of the diamonds. It is also more expensive than gold. Gold is a good choice, you may not want 24 karat because it is softer than the other types of gold that are mixed with metals. 18K and 14k gold are ideal for diamonds. You can go for white gold which mimics a platinum look, or choose the traditional yellow gold.

One thing is for certain, whether you are choosing a gift for a special someone or treating yourself to a luxury item, you cannot go wrong with Asscher cut diamond earrings. They are not only beautiful but may be an investment piece as well. At the least, they are likely to be the favorite item in one’s jewelry box, earrings that are worn every day with pride.

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