Belly Button Rings

As recently as a decade ago no one would have thought that something as seemingly counter-culture as a belly ring could become so fashionable, even among everyday people. While they were once seen as something that was worn only by rebellious teenagers, now they are even trendy among people approaching middle age. (And well into middle age, if the truth be told!) Both men and women wear belly rings and there is nothing unusual about it at all. From inexpensive costume pieces to more expensive belly rings made with gem stones and 18k gold, they can be found almost anywhere, to fit any type of personality. Even pregnant women are sporting belly rings without the least bit of concern.

Bling Bling Belly Ring
The flashier the better in jewelry these days, and that includes belly rings. Such an odd way to describe something flashy, but ‘bling bling’ was coined to describe anything that is over the top glittery, sparkly, bold and bright. Since the late 90’s when the expression was first heard by Cash Money Millionaires, it has taken on a kind of sub-culture of its own. Now bling bling extends to even belly rings when they are bold and brazen and oh-so flashy.

Posts, Dangles and Hoops
Belly rings can be in almost any style just as an earring would be. They can be long dangles, small studs or simple hoops. In any style a belly ring can have diamonds, emeralds, rubies and any other precious or semi precious stone. While it is probably best to wear at least 14k gold, as long as the metal is hypoallergenic, there should be no problem. Whether dangle, hoop or post, remember that in hot weather the belly button ‘sweats’ so extra care should be take to what is placed through that pierce.

Birthstone Belly Rings
Once you’ve bought her rings, bracelets, necklaces and any other piece of jewelry for her birthdays along the way, don’t forget birthstone belly rings. They can be set with real birthstones, or one of many synthetic stones, but a birthstone is always a nice addition to the set. Some finer jewelry sets also have belly rings that match. If not, a simple birthstone set in the same metal as the rest of the set is always nice. Most common for birthstones are studs and dangles as they do tend to show better than birthstones set on small hoops.

Barbell Belly Rings

The hottest trend at the moment is barbell belly rings. They can be made with moving dangles or solid barbells. Some of the most innovative are moving dream catcher barbells, surgical zippers, frogs, tribal barbells, skulls, eternity barbells, and don’t forget BFF barbells (Best Friends Forever) where the heart is cut down the center and each best friend wears half. Barbells have been trending since belly piercings have become popular so there is always a large selection to choose from.

It is possible to find belly rings for less than ten dollars and then there are high end designer pieces that can run hundreds of dollars. If you (or the person you are buying it for) will be wearing belly shirts, it is better to opt for a finer piece. That’s right belly rings have become so fashionable they even brought back belly shirts from the 80’s and 90’s to show off those nice flat abs and trendy belly rings. The more that belly ring will be ‘open to view’ the nicer you will want it to be. Go bling, or go conservative (a conservative belly ring?) but if it shows, make it worth being seen!

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