Bezel Set Engagement Rings

There are a variety of different settings for diamond engagement rings. Bezel set engagement rings are one of the setting types. The stone is surrounded by a circle of precious metal in which it sits slightly lower than the rim of the circle. The flat profile is modern and ideal with certain diamond styles. Those who are active and/or work with their hands a lot often choose the bezel setting because it provides more protection for the diamond. The stone won’t snag on fabric and certain flaws around the stone’s edge are concealed. Others like this setting because of its appearance which, depending on the ring style, can look classic to modern.

Bezel set engagement rings cost more than other comparable rings with different settings. However, for many people the extra expense is worth it, especially when it comes to a ring that you intend to keep on your finger for a lifetime. There are numerous diamond shapes that look beautiful in a bezel setting. One example is the princess cut diamond, a square shaped stone cut to emphasize the brilliance of the stone. In a bezel setting, a princess cut stone can be set in its original square shape or turned to create a diamond shape.

Bezel set engagement rings sometimes feature multiple diamonds as opposed to the traditional solitaire ring. You might see a large center stone surrounded by two smaller bezel set stones. Pave diamonds are also popular adornments on bezel set rings. A modern take on the bezel setting is the half or partial setting, in which the bezel is open and only partially surrounds the stone. This is a modern style that shows off a larger portion of the diamond while still offering protection for the stone and visual interest. This style of bezel setting can be on the sides of the stone or the top and bottom.

When selecting an engagement ring, there are various factors to consider before settling on bezel set engagement rings. As previously mentioned, your lifestyle can be a factor. The bezel setting is more durable than other styles like the prong setting. You can even spot bezel set diamonds as wedding band adornments. Often the band has a raised bezel bordering it with bezel set stones setting out from the band. This style is perfect if the bride has a bezel set engagement ring, however it also looks fabulous with any other setting like prong and channel. The setting for your engagement ring is a highly personal choice that you should consider carefully.

Before hitting the jewelry store, there are websites where you can design your own custom engagement ring. You choose the metal for the band and setting, the setting, the diamond cut, the color, carat and any features like surrounding stones or pave stones. This is a great way to try out how different style bezel set engagement rings are going to look. Then when you go to the jeweler you have a decent idea of what you are searching for. If they don’t have the ring you want it can often be special ordered or custom made.

Speaking of customization, bezel set engagement rings can be made to your custom specifications by a jeweler who offers this service. A custom made ring is going to be more expensive than one of the same carat size and type from out of the jewelry case, but many couples find the customized ring so much more special. Many celebrities have been spotted with bezel set engagement rings and the rings are often designed to their exact specifications.

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