Black Diamond Necklace

You hardly ever hear too many people talk about black diamonds, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, but there are plenty of them available. Most people prefer to wear a black diamond necklace. They are simply beautiful and a lot more noticeable on a necklace, but of course a black diamond necklace would probably cost more since they hold more stones that black diamond rings.

How black diamonds are made

You’d be surprised to know that most people don’t even know much about black diamonds, let alone the fact that they actually exist. People that don’t really know much about jewelry would see a black diamond necklace in a store or other jewelry made with black diamonds, and simply think that it is just some other kind of stone.

So once a person finds out about a black diamond then one of the first things that they will most likely ponder on is how a black diamond is made. Well to start off, black diamonds are actually found the way they are, they are not dyed to the color black like some people might think; they are mined out of the ground. The only two places that they can be found are in Brazil and Central African Republic. From different studies that have been taken it is known that black diamonds are made from many microscopic particles of carbon graphite, magnetite, and also hematite.

When you buy a black diamond necklace you will notice that it has a nice black metallic shine too it, and the reason for this is because of they absorb any light that hits them just like regular diamonds. If you buy a black diamond necklace you will notice that the color of the necklace is opaque for the most part, and it is very rare that you will find one that is considered to be semi-transparent of translucent. They can be found to be partially transparent, but because it is so rare to find them that way, you will end up paying a high price for them.

Black diamond necklace—in high demand

Just how high in demand would a black diamond necklace be, really? Black diamond necklaces are in extremely high demand nowadays. The necklaces are mainly loved the most by women, but men can often find masculine black diamond necklaces and they are quite attractive too. You should know whether or not a black diamond necklace will look good on you or suit your character because they don’t look good on everyone. They give off quite a mesmerizing look.

It is rare to find too many people wearing a black diamond necklace on yellow gold, but you will find that the majority of people choose to either wear platinum black diamond necklaces or white gold. Sometimes people have a pattern or some sort of design on their necklace with both black diamonds in it and white diamonds, giving the necklace an exotic look that will be hard to not notice by anyone you know, and even strangers that will notice it.

Though a black diamond necklace might not be seen worn as much as a white diamond necklace they are still in high demand because of how rare they are. Just like white diamonds they will match most anything depending upon the style of the necklace. You will find that most people will wear a black diamond necklace with a formal outfit at events such as weddings or out to eat at an expensive restaurant. If they were more affordable you would likely find more people wearing them, but as mentioned before… this type of diamonds is not right for everyone.

Where to buy a black diamond necklace
A black diamond necklace can be found most anywhere that any other jewelry can be found, but you won’t see as much of it as you do white diamonds. The search for the right black diamond necklace will be a bit more difficult but not at all impossible. One positive note to make is the fact you’ll easily be able to tell if a stone is a black diamond or not, because unlike white diamonds that have other similar stones that can be mistaken for them, black diamonds are pretty much the only black stone that there is that you can find.

You’ll recognize that it is a black diamond as well because of the pricing on it. You can search for a variety of black diamond necklaces online or you can do your own shopping at a local jewelry store. When you are buying something expensive such as a black diamond necklace, you will want to make sure that you get referrals from others about the store and their experience with buying jewelry from that particular store. Sometimes you can go online and search for product reviews or customer satisfaction reviews on how the customer service is at that particular jewelry store.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will want to look out for the best deals when you are shopping for your black diamond necklace. As mentioned before they are not cheap so if you can get an extra low price on one by catching a half off sale then it would be considered your lucky day. Expect to spend a great amount though for something so beautiful and valuable. It will most definitely be worth it when you can show off your black diamond necklace.

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