Blue Diamond Earrings

There are so many lovely diamond earrings that it is often difficult to choose the perfect pair. However, if you are looking for a diamond that is unique, the perfect stone would be a breathtaking blue diamond. Only red is more rare, yet still not as lovely as a cool blue diamond. Of the world’s most famous diamonds, the three that top the list are all blue.

The famous Hope Diamond, the Heart of Eternity Diamond and the Blue Heart Diamond top the list of the world’s most famous and priceless diamonds and it is not merely because of their size. While the Hope Diamond is an amazing 45.52 carats, it is not the size that makes it so unique, or even the exquisite cut, yet it is the sheer beauty of that crystal blue diamond that sets it apart from other stones.

Diamonds are steeped in lore from as far back as Biblical times and they have always been synonymous with priceless gifts. They stand for eternity, and are thought to have the ability to withstand unseen forces. A diamond is the hardest stone on earth and as such, was once believed to cut through anything that stood in one’s path. Perhaps these are the reasons why diamonds have traditionally been used as a sign of undying love when offered as an engagement ring.

As it should be expected, a gem this rare will be more costly than other stones. While diamonds generally are known to be expensive dependent on the size, cut, and clarity, the color blue would greatly add to a diamond’s worth. Blue diamond earrings, then, would be more expensive than a pair with comparable clear diamonds, but they will be so much more beautiful.

Any woman who owns a pair of blue diamond earrings knows that she has an invaluable treasure. The onlty thing that could make those earrings more valuable in her eyes would be if they had been gifted to her as a token of love. Diamonds are forever, but blue diamonds go beyond forever into another realm altogether. In fact, it is believed that natural blue diamonds found in South America were part of a 3 billion year old asteroid that hit earth. Could blue diamonds really be from distant worlds? Could be!

At the moment, the most fashionable blue diamond earrings are huggies that gently wrap around the earlobe. Quite often these earrings are interspersed with clear diamonds as the cost of so many blue diamonds would be extremely high. Second to blue diamond huggies are feminine dangle earrings that are also often set with clear white diamonds. Most commonly set in 18k white gold or platinum; these earrings are truly elegant and lend themselves perfectly to formal fashions. Blue diamond dangle earrings are perfect for a night at the opera with hair swept up off the face and tied in a neat chignon.

While blue diamond earrings may be quite costly, it may be possible to find more reasonable prices online. Most fine jewelers offer amazing discounts online and back their products with a ‘viewing period.’ Because a blue diamond is so rare, even many jewelers have never seen one close up. They want to allow you time to see what a treasure you have found and be able to really get to know the beauty of blue diamonds. Whether buying them for a gift for another, or as a long awaited ‘treat’ for yourself, you can truly find no better choice than blue diamond earrings. We may never know why they are so rare, but once you see them you will know why they are so valuable.

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