Blue Topaz Rings

One of the exciting things about any gemstone is the folklore that is attached to it. While some stories have been passed down through the ages and are nothing more than a bit of historical trivia, some of those tales attribute special ‘powers’ to certain stones, and blue topaz is one gem that is currently important in the metaphysical arena. Whether looking for blue topaz rings as a birthstone, for some mystical and metaphysical property they hold, or simply because of how truly lovely they are, it is possible to find a wide assortment online at prices that are quite reasonable.

Blue Topaz – Modern Birthstone for December

While the traditional birthstone for December has been the zircon or a ruby, modern birthstones are turquoise or blue topaz. Not to be confused with signs of the zodiac that have a different variation of stones associated with a planetary influence; modern stones have a more earthy folklore associated with them. Some of the ‘powers’ associated with blue topaz would include the inibition of greed and the prevention of accidents which could result in premature death. Blue topaz is also believed to treat insomnia and to treat obsessions. Because of its cool blue color, this gemstone is thought to calm frayed nerves and some even believe that it can treat mental illness when worn around the neck.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings
Although diamonds are traditionally given as an engagement ring, it is becoming more and more fashionable to offer lovely blue topaz rings when asking for her hand in marriage. These gems are quite astonishing when worn in a setting with, or without, diamonds. The stone itself can be cut square, rectangular, oval, round and even in the shape of a heart! What an exquistie engagement ring that makes with two hearts and tiny diamonds in a setting of platinum or white gold. The blue siginifes ‘true blue’ or faithful, and of course the diamond is forever. A blue topaz engagement ring says “I’ll love you and be true to you forever.” Although a blue topaz karat per karat is much more reasonable than a diamond, many couples choose this ring for its aesthic value above and beyond price. Because blue can be worn equally well by men, blue topaz bridal sets can be an affordable option to diamonds or rubies.

Blue Topaz Rings with Matching Earrings and Pendant
Because blue topaz is quite affordable, it makes a wonderful matching set because all the pieces can be purchased together most of the time. Of course, silver would be the most reasonably priced, but 14k gold is also within reason. Settings with other precious stones may raise the prices accordingly, but the center (or largest) stone is what usually determines the majority of the cost. Blue topaz rings with matching sterling silver pendants and earrings can be purchased in a complete set for right around $100 in some cases. While some sets may go for much more money, if price is an issue, sterling is quite lovely and the most affordable precious metal.

Giving the gift of blue topaz rings is layered with meaning which is quite often much deeper than the gift itself. It stands for fidelity and calm reassurance that “I will always be here.” Blue topaz may not be a diamond, but it says the same thing in other ways. It is a sign of healing and peace, so as a token of repentence and saying “I’m sorry,” blue topaz is the perfect stone. As part of a set, or worn alone, a blue topaz ring can be worn with pride.

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