Boy’s Diamond Cross Pendant

There are times in a boy’s life when a boy’s diamond cross pendant is the ideal gift. Many parents and grandparents buy them for the birth of a baby, baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation and other special days like birthdays and Christmas or Easter. However, there are also ‘boy’s diamond cross pendants’ that are labeled as such but are for ‘big boys’ with all the bling you’d expect to see on a street in New York or L.A. Boys of all ages wear diamond cross pendants so there are a great number to choose from to fit any occasion and of course, any size boy!

14k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant for Baptism

The christening of a child is always an event in the life of a Christian family that is highly anticipated. It signals the baby’s entrance into the life of the Church, the first of three Rites of Initiation which progresses through First Communion and Confirmation. Because of this it is traditional to give the gift of a cross pendant to both boys and girls alike. While a girl’s diamond cross necklace may be more ornate, a simple 14k white gold boy’s diamond cross pendant is likely to have a single diamond where the beams cross. Many are tiny which would not leave much room for engraving on the back, but some are just large enough to inscribe the date of the sacrament of Baptism.

D for Diamond Sterling Silver Boys Diamond Set Cross Pendant

Another, less expensive cross pendant with a diamond suitable for a young boy is set in sterling silver. This type is usually just a bit larger than a christening cross pendant which would make it ideal for a First Communion gift. A simple sterling silver cross with a diamond and sterling silver chain is just large enough to be engraved with the date of the Holy Eucharist. Slightly larger than an infant cross, a boy’s sterling silver diamond cross pendant will be suitable for wear until the child reaches adolescence when it is time to be Confirmed. These types of cross necklaces usually run $50 to $100, but usually not much more unless the diamond is large enough to call for a bigger price tag.

18k Gold Boy’s Diamond Cross Pendant
Confirmation marks the boy’s passage from childhood to adulthood in the Christian rite much like a bar mitzvah does in the Jewish faith. For this reason it is traditional to by a boy’s diamond cross pendant large enough to wear well into adulthood. Many parents (and sponsors!) feel that this occasion calls for a cross with a stone large enough to suit the occasion. Many Confirmation crosses are elaborately embellished while maintaining their masculinity. At this point in a boy’s life he is just on the cusp of adulthood which means he is beyond those little boy years. A trendy statement piece would work well as a bridge between the world in which the boy lives and the faith journey he is about to embark on. This is a cross that needs to be engraved because it is the beginning of his walk as a man.

So many boy’s diamond cross pendants are treasured for their significance as milestones in a youth’s life, while others are meant to be worn as statement pieces by boys of all ages. There are big boy’s diamond cross pendants that cost many thousands of dollars and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Christian faith while there are other crosses for boys that are the ultimate sign of belief in a God who came to earth to die for their sins. Whether costly or reasonable, you are sure to find the perfect boy’s diamond cross pendant to fit the ‘boy’ and the occasion.

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