Breitling Superocean

Since 1884 Breitling has been a name to reckon with in professional Swiss watches. Although many of their watches are certified chronometers primarily for aviation, Breitling watches are most commonly worn as luxury designer watches. Since 2009 each and every watch is manufactured in-house with all Swiss components. Unlike other ‘Swiss’ watches, Breitling watches are 100% Swiss in parts and craftsmanship.

From Air to Sea
Until the mid 1950’s Breitling dominated the skies but in 1957 they broke into the maritime market with their revolutionary Breitling Superocean that boasted an amazing water resistance of up to 660 feet (200 meters) which was unheard of at the time. Since then there have been continual updates and innovations that now enable this amazing line to be resistant as deep as 5000 feet! The Breitling Superocean is powered by a self winding movement that has been chronometer certified. Breitling Superocean watches are in a world of their own as there really is no competition in technical function or in style.

Superocean’s Updated Design
One of the things that is first noticed is the youthful, modern design. The Superocean is fashioned with a rubber molded bezel that has sloping numerals as hour markers which are known for their readability due to oversized numerals. It further sports an Abyss black dial with a blue, yellow, red, silver or black beveled inner bezel ring. The name of the watch is consistent with the color of the bezel so that the models are Abyss Black, Abyss Red, Abyss Blue, Abyss Yellow and Abyss Silver. The Superocean comes with a choice of rubber, Driver Pro or Ocean Racer (steel professional straps/bracelets.

Built-in Safety Features
Each case is fitted with lateral reinforcements that protect the crown and has a sophisticated gasket system to protect the interior of the timepiece. They have safety valves at the 10 o’clock position to balance internal and external pressure differences. There is also an automatic release of helium that built up when it reaches 3 bars to prevent the case from exploding. The crystal is cambered sapphire and it is glareproof. The crown is screw locked for added protection, and the case is constructed with a steel alloy that is particularly resistant to corrosion in a salt environment.

List Price for Superocean Models
Retail prices for the Superocean models are for the head only as watchbands are interchangeable and priced accordingly. Each model was produced a certain number of years and prices will reflect the years they were manufactured and sold. For example the Colt Superocean 3300 feet was manufactured from 2004 to 2009 and retailed from $2750 to $3660 during those years. The Superocean Professional 5000 feet has been manufactured from 1999 to present with prices in the early models beginning at $1625 and ranging through $2345. Some other models include the Superocean Steelfish 42, Superocean Steelfish, Superocean Heritage 46, Superocean Heritage 38, and Superocean Heritage Chrono. Each watch is priced according to the retail value of the year it was manufactured and again, straps/bracelets are priced separately.

Breitling Superocean watches were designed with the deep sea diver in mind and there just isn’t another watchmaker on earth that can boast the performance of this amazing line. While they are worn by sportsmen like Herbert Nitsch, most often they are worn as high end designer pieces because of their contemporary design and precision Swiss works. All Breitling watches are well worth the listed retail price, but the Superocean models offer even more value for the abundance of features these watches sport. There is nothing quite like a good Swiss watch and one thing is for sure – Breitling watches are 100% Swiss both in components and craftsmanship. That’s hard to beat at any price!

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