Butterfly Brooch

There are several different ways that you can accessorize with a butterfly brooch. The most obvious way is to wear a butterfly brooch on your shirt. Because of its playful shape, wearing a butterfly brooch on your shirt is a great way to add a touch of playfulness. The next way that you can accessorize with a butterfly brooch is to wear it on a necklace. There are many butterfly brooches that are sold as pendants, and they will look very good hanging from a necklace. One other popular choice is to wear a butterfly brooch in your hair. When attached to a headband or a hair clip, a butterfly brooch can be the perfect way to complete a new hairstyle or add a new twist to your standard hairstyle.

Butterfly Brooch Pins
Just like real butterflies, butterfly brooch pins come in all different shapes and sizes:

  • The body of the butterfly is made from Austrian crystal. On each side, the larger top wings are orange, while the bottom smaller wings are red.
  • A vintage gold tone butterfly. Both of the butterfly’s wings are accented with yellow and pink rhinestones.
  • A butterfly made from different shades of crystal and set in silver. The body of the butterfly is made from amber crystals, while its wings feature green crystals.
  • A pin that features Swarovski crystals. The entire butterfly is gold plated, and the Swarovski crystals used as accents are blue, light brown and pink.
  • The perfect pink butterfly brooch. Several different cuts of pink crystals are highlighted by the butterfly’s silver body.

Butterfly Brooch Pendant Necklaces

A butterfly brooch pendant can come with a necklace, or a pendant can be purchased by itself to use with an existing necklace:

  • A yellow gold necklace that features two butterfly brooch pendants. While the butterflies are two different sizes, both are made from gold and feature wings that are woven with intricate gold mesh.
  • A simple sterling silver butterfly brooch that will add an understated elegance to any outfit when it’s worn on a silver necklace.
  • A two-tone piece that mixes silver and gold. The butterfly’s body is made from silver and features 1/10 carats of diamonds. The butterfly’s wings are pleasantly contrasted with yellow gold.

Butterfly Brooch Hair Accessories
A butterfly brooch can be very fun to wear in your hair. Because they’re a light piece of jewelry, you won’t have to worry about one weighing your hair down. Of the three types of butterfly brooches, hair accessories are the most colorful:

  • A beaded hair brooch that is made from a combination of pink, purple and baby blue beads.
  • An origami butterfly hair brooch. The fabric used on this hair brooch has a rainbow’s selection of colors, and will add a big splash of color to any style of hair.
  • A butterfly hair brooch accessory with a gold body. The wings of the butterfly are pink, yellow, green and blue. The ends of the butterfly’s wings are accented by pink rhinestones.
  • A hair brooch that is made exclusively from pink beads.

Butterfly Brooch Costs
Each style of butterfly brooch has its own price range. Hair brooches are at the bottom of the price scale, with an average cost of thirty dollars or less. Butterfly brooch pendant necklaces fall in the middle of the price scale. The average starting price for these pieces is $50. Depending on the accents used in the piece, this price can reach up to several hundred dollars.

Butterfly brooch pins are at the top of the price scale. While there are pins that cost between $50 and $100, a pin that feature a lot of diamond accents can easily cost between one and two thousand dollars.

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