Butterfly Diamond Ring

One of the most popular ring styles is the butterfly diamond ring. As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, the butterfly is one of the most beloved creatures because of its delicate beauty. Many people collect butterfly themed items, therefore one of these rings would make a perfect gift. You can even buy jewelry for yourself, the old adage that you should never buy yourself jewelry is long outdated. A gorgeous new ring can be a special treat to reward yourself anytime, no occasion necessary.

Some people love the butterfly because it is beautiful. Watching one of these breathtaking insects flutter along with their brightly colored wings is a magical moment. Others are attracted to the butterfly because of what it symbolizes. In some cultures, this animal is a symbol for death and rebirth, or new transformation and dying to old ways because the caterpillar goes into the cocoon and emerges an entirely new creature. In China, two butterflies together symbolize luck and love. Many people believe it is fortuitous if a butterfly lands on you, which is a rare occurrence.

When shopping for a butterfly diamond ring, the appearance of the butterfly is of course, center stage. Butterflies on rings can come in many different sizes. You can find bands with tiny butterflies that go all the way around, as well as rings that feature a single butterfly. Sometimes, the butterfly is adorned with colorful crystals or made from precious or semi precious gemstones. The setting should be nothing less than sterling silver, this material is inexpensive yet holds up under the test of time and looks beautiful. Gold and platinum are more expensive but also are extremely fine metals for any ring bands and/or settings.

If you can try the ring on before you buy it, by all means do so. You want to make sure the butterfly is proportionate to your finger. Big rings are the trend these days, but you don’t want something that is so big it is uncomfortable or unflattering to your hand. You also want to make sure the ring itself fits comfortably. This may not always be the case, as you can find so many more choices online than you’ll find in retail jewelry stores. Before shopping online, get your accurate ring size and remember it is easier for a ring to be stretched larger by a jeweler than made smaller.

Another aspect of a butterfly diamond ring that you must consider are of course the diamonds. When buying diamonds, the four C’s to look for are cut, clarity, color and carat. Cut refers to the shape of the stone and it’s facets, clarity refers to the imperfections or lack thereof, color is self explanatory and carat is the size, or weight of the diamonds. If you are someone who likes the look of a sparkling diamond but doesn’t want to pay the extravagant price, simulated diamonds and cubic zirconia are good choices. In some cases, fake diamonds look even more brilliant and beautiful than the real thing for a fraction of the cost.

Unlike cubic zirconia and simulated diamonds of years past, stones today don’t usually turn cloudy. Whether you select real or faux stones for your butterfly diamond ring, it is a jewelry item you are sure to treasure for a lifetime. When buying this ring as a gift, it is sure to delight the recipient whether or not the butterfly is their favorite animal. It is a tasteful jewelry item available in many different styles.

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