Cartier Love Bracelets

A love bracelet typically refers to the Cartier bracelet that was first designed and introduced to the public in 1969. Designer Aldo Cipullo created the love bracelet for French jeweler Cartier SA and the bracelet has virtually been a hit ever since. The first love bracelet was a two-piece design that bolted together at the wrist and created quite a fashion statement. The bracelet required a tiny screwdriver which was included with the purchase in order to remove the bracelet. The design was said to symbolize a committed relationship. During the first years of sale, Cartier did not allow a customer to purchase the love bracelet for themselves. Twenty-five famous couples were presented with a set of his and hers matching bracelets. These couples included Gary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton among several others.

In 1979 a diamond studded design was implemented and introduced and later cufflinks, earrings and rings followed the pattern of the love bracelet which by this time had become a world craze.

Since that time the love bracelet has taken on many different forms. Today, these bracelets are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. You can purchase love bracelets made from yellow or white gold as well as sterling silver, platinum and many other metals. Diamonds and other gemstones are also often included in the design today for a more modernized look and a much more dramatic appearance. If you are planning to purchase an authentic antique love bracelet, you should pay strict attention to detail to avoid purchasing something that is not real. Check with a reputable online or local jeweler and inquire about an original Cartier love bracelet. These are quite the collector’s items today and you should note that they carry quite the collector’s price tag as well. Modern day versions of the love bracelet can be purchased for a much lower cost and make an excellent gift for wedding anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and a host of other special occasions. They are typically given to a woman by a man since they were originally designed to highlight infidelity in a marriage or relationship.

If you choose a Cartier love bracelet that contains gemstones make sure that you have an idea of which gemstones you prefer. Diamonds are of course going to be a big higher than other stones. If you find that you cannot afford diamonds, colorless sapphires make an excellent alternative. They are beautiful stones, brilliant and cost much less than diamonds. Of course if you do prefer diamonds you can cut the cost of your bracelet by choosing just a few diamonds in the design or by choosing smaller and less perfect stones. Keep in mind that the overall cost of your love bracelet will also determine on the metal used for its creation and likely on where you purchase. If you are planning to purchase from a high end jewelry designer then you can expect to pay much more than you would from a local jeweler or online jewelry retailer.

Make sure that you properly measure your wrist to ensure the best fit. Bracelets that fit too loose run the risk of falling off and becoming lose. Those that are too tight might simply be too uncomfortable for you to wear. If you are unsure of your exact wrist size you can have your local jeweler measure it for you. Set your budget before you head to the jewelry store and choose the bracelet that best fits within your budget while also fulfilling your other preferences.

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  1. Cartier Love Bracelets DO NOT come in sterling silver. They come in White 18K gold, Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold. Repeat, they do not come in sterling silver unless they are fake. The bracelets can feature diamonds, gemstones as well as a diamond pave’ finish.

    These bracelets ARE NOT gold plated UNLESS it is a bracelet that was produced for Charles Revson,Inc., (now Revlon) that was a perfume giveaway or could be purchased for $20.00! This bracelet had the same screw design on the exterior but on the inside they are clearly marked Electroplate and normally said, “Aldo Cipullo for Charles Revson, Inc.” (In some form or another) Aldo Cipullo was the designer (at Cartier) of the Cartier Love Bracelet. Also, these bracelets featured one side with a screw and one hinged side. They also came with their own specialy designed screwdriver that was flat and one dimensional.

    The price of the 18K Yellow Gold Cartier Love Bracelet today (10/30/2011) is $5575.00. (

    Of course, the bracelets can be purchased second hand at jewelry stores (sold as estate pieces) pawn shops and online (eBay and other sites). Resale prices today are quite high due to the current market price of gold. Beware as they are widely copied, produced and manufactured in foreign countries and have either stainless steel or sterling silver as a base metal and then electroplated in 14K gold, white gold or a mystery metal.

    The Love Bracelet is as coveted and popular today as it was in the 1970’s. They are virtually indestructible and with a quick polish look brand new. Considered heirlooms, they are often passed down to lucky daughters and granddaughters.

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