Cartier Wrist Watches

Of all the jewelers and watch markers, none other than Cartier has received so much interest from luxury goods buyers, and even royalty. The company, which has been in business since the 1840’s has supplied some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people with jewelry and fine watches. At one time, Cartier even supplied the royal jewels for the English crown. In the following years, Cartier produced luxury jewelry items for nearly every other European monarchy. How is that for notoriety?

Modern Cartier
While the history of Cartier is deeply engrained in European history, Cartier continues to make fine luxury timepieces for all to enjoy. Today’s Cartier wrist watches are very much the status symbol that their products have been for hundreds of years. While Cartier is a company that has its roots in France, all of its modern wrist watch collection is produced in Swiss, the home of the luxury watch.

Cartier watches share some basic features. First, all of Cartier’s watches, unless otherwise stated on the most high-end collections, are rated as waterproof to 100 feet. Also, Cartier has one of the best warranties of the luxury wrist watch world. For the first 24 months, all repairs including parts are covered for free. Following the first 24 months, Cartier wrist watch owners are charged only for labor at any of Cartier’s authorized dealers.

Additionally, many jewelers place so much faith in Cartier’s quality that they offer independent extended warranties to their customers at no cost. This foolproof warranty is one of the many reasons buyers flock to Cartier over other luxury wrist watch manufacturers.

You’ll find that a warranty, while often overlooked, is a very important part of the buying process. Since Cartier’s watches utilize very accurate, but very expensive, mechanical and quartz movements, the cost to replace a single faulty part in a wrist watch can cost several hundred dollars in parts alone. Labor, which requires a very refined skillset, can cost over one hundred dollars per hour!

Low End Cartier Wrist Watches

Cartier wrist watches start at a price just over $2,000 for the most simple mechanical watches. In this price point, buyers should expect a no-date wrist watch with limited features and mechanical movements. Also, precious metals rarely appear on watches at this price, so for $2,000 expect a high quality steel or titanium watch with limited jewelry appeal. Very frequently, two tone steel is used to create a silver and gold tone watch. However, no actual silver or gold is actually used in production. Also, unlike other more expensive watches, Cartier’s lower priced items come with wristbands made of leather or inexpensive metals. The Must 21 collection is an excellent example of Cartier wrist watches in the lower price points.

Mid Range Cartier Wrist Watches
Moving up the price range to the $5,000 and up club will bring about pricier metals and more expensive movements. In this price range, nearly all their watches are 100% metals, some of which include precious metals though you’re unlikely to find any number of diamonds or precious gems. Instead, Cartier’s midrange watches up the ante on quartz movements and metal wrist bands.

High End Cartier Wrist Watches
Cartier’s high priced wrist watches range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 and may be emblazoned with precious metals, diamonds, and other very expensive precious metals and gems. The Cartier Baignoire 1920 is best known as Cartier’s most expensive line with $100,000+ watches that include wrist bands made up of 18k gold and hundreds of the finest diamonds. These pieces, though rare, are some of the most coveted wrist watches among high-end watch collectors.

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