Cartilage Earrings

The earlobe is the most popular place for piercings where earrings are worn. However cartilage earrings are gaining popularity with men and women who want a more daring style. A cartilage piercing is, put simply, any piercing above the lobe in the thicker cartilage of the ear. There are several different types of cartilage ear piercings. It is helpful to know about each before you make a decision about this type of body modification. Any kind of body piercing, including the cartilage of the ear, should be done by a professional piercing specialist in a licensed facility.

The first type of cartilage piercing is the helix piercing. This area is located right above the earlobe and goes up the outside edge. The standard type of helix piercing goes through the ear cartilage one time, while industrial style helix piercings go through twice. The next type is the tragus piercing. This area is near the face, in the small area of protruding cartilage. The orbital piercing is when the earring goes through the same hole with both the back and front points of the earring visible in the front ear area. Finally there are conch piercings, located in the middle of the ear.

If you aren’t sure which type of piercing is right for you, consult with your local piercing studio or browse online. By viewing photos of different cartilage earrings you can decide which style you prefer. You should be prepared for the procedure, these types of piercings are done by hand rather than with a piercing device. Piercing guns can harm the delicate cartilage, also there are certain gauge needles that must be used. It takes a lot longer for this type of ear piercing to heal than the lobe piercing. While the area is healing, you will need to clean the area regularly but also keep the earrings in to prevent closing. You will need to wear the same earrings for around a year until full healing has commenced.

The first pair of cartilage earrings you choose should be crafted from either gold or sterling silver, because you will be wearing them for a year and need a quality precious metal. After the pierced area has healed, you can change the earrings to a different style and even a different metal, for example titanium which is quite popular. And, after the healing period you can change your earrings to suit your style day by day if you wish. There are different types of cartilage earrings from which you can choose.

Hoops are a common type of cartilage earring and come in plain and adorned styles. A variation on the hoop is the captive bead style, which features one bead in the center of the hoop. Stud earrings can be made from precious metal and/or gemstones and are ideal for any type of cartilage piercing. Circular barbells are also popular types of cartilage earrings, made in a half hoop style. Cuffs are an ideal style for helix area piercings. Finally industrial style piercings go through the cartilage twice and come in many different styles.

As you can see, there are many different types of cartilage earring styles for different areas of the ear and different fashion preferences. You can purchase these earrings at piercing studios and even some jewelry stores. They can also be purchased online at a variety of body jewelry stores and even sites like Ebay. The cartilage earring is gaining popularity with the masses and more people are choosing this type of piercing as a bold fashion statement.

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