Gold & Silver

18K Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Most fine jewelry is consistent of either 14k gold or 18k gold. 14k gold is made up of 58.3% gold, which allows for strong jewelry as the other 41.7% is made up of other metals. 18k gold is made up of 75% gold, which provides a much richer gold appearance but only 25% of it […]

Yellow Gold Ankle Bracelets

Anklets can be fashioned from any material or metal, but are most popular in yellow gold, and have only become popular in the Western World since the 20th century. Ankle bracelets, however, have been worn in other cultures around the world for thousands of years, and in some places they are even part of traditional […]

Men’s Gold Rings

A man wearing a gold ring can almost appear elegant, whilst enhancing the gentleman’s overall appearance. Men’s gold rings are known to symbolize wealth, and are the ultimate jewelry accessory. Where you may believe that men wearing rings is a fairly new thing, it has in fact been around for many centuries. Rings have often […]

Antique Silver Beads

Beads are often referred to by different names depending on their age. An example of this will be a bead that is over 20 years old is typically called a vintage bead, whereas a bead that is over 100 years old will be known as an antique bead. Therefore, as the name suggests, an antique […]

Silver Cufflinks

At times when casual clothing and semi-formal wear have become more popular among men, some accessories used by men have been forced to fade into the background. Some have piled dust on them, or safely locked away in closets. Limited to only very special formal occasions, these accessories can no longer find their way to […]

Gold Snake Ring

Gold snake rings and other pieces of jewelry exploded in popularity in just a few months as they appeared on a number of A-list celebrities. Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears, and Angelina Jolie have all been spotted sporting gold snake rings, and in the time since then, jewelers have rushed to put out more and more […]

18 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

Gold is one of the most majestic, traditional and classic precious metals of all time. Although precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are gradually strengthening their own place in the jewelry market, gold has never lost its regal aura as the finest precious metal in the world. Gold is still quite in vogue, both […]

Gold Curb Chains

Gold chains have been a favorite type of chain for both men and women alike for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were the first people to make and wear gold chains. Gold chains are still in style today. Almost any new dress or outfit will look great with a […]

Yellow Gold Round Pendant

When it comes to round pendants, no metal is favored more than yellow gold. Throughout the decades anything from religious medals to lovely period pieces have been fashioned out of yellow gold both for its beauty and for what gold is symbolic of. Of all the things that gold stands for, most often it is […]

14k Gold Jewelry

Gold is a unique material. It has many uses and is one of the only materials that are guaranteed to grow in value over time. The price of gold increases as the value of other currency declines. Gold is non toxic, is easily shaped, and is extremely durable. It has always been associated with power, […]

10K Yellow Gold Rings

Gold is a very popular metal for many jewelry pieces from necklaces to rings. A 10K yellow gold ring is a very popular choice for many people. Because gold is very stable and tends not to fade or rust, many people prefer it to other metals. It is also much softer and more durable than […]

Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver hoop earrings are the single most popular design for earrings today. They are also a favorite among celebrities. Silver is a material that is easily worked into a design to create a variety of shapes. It is commonly combined with a copper alloy to create sterling silver. Sterling is durable and less expensive than […]

Gold Magnetic Bracelets

Although many people have never encountered magnetic therapy to treat and cure a number of illnesses and conditions, it is no less a valid alternative treatment for such things as arthritis, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, toothaches, back aches and in fact, almost any kind of musculoskeletal pain. As a matter of fact, magnetic therapy was […]

Silver Star Rings

The star is one of the most common symbols in the world. It is found on the flags of many countries and as a symbol for military power. Stars are used as awards, recognition, and to identify an important point. Stars are also an important symbol in many of the world’s religions. They can also […]

Antique Gold Locket

It is believed that every antique has a story to tell. Antique gold lockets are a piece of jewelry that may serve many functions. Some were designed to be romantic, holding love letters or portraits of a loved one. Others were designed as religious objects, shaped like the Bible, or holding important scripture. Whether the […]

Silver Butterfly Ring

One of the all time favorite ornamental figures is the butterfly. It is symbolic of so many things, but most significantly is the depth in which ‘new life’ is viewed. Many people, while going through rough times in their lives, wear a butterfly to remind them that one day they will shed this cocoon they […]

10K Yellow Gold Bracelet

When choosing a gold bracelet, it is important to take into account some basic features of this type of jewelry. First, although the word “gold” usually refers to yellow gold (the traditional gold we are all familiar with), this precious metal can be alloyed with other elements in various proportions, in order to obtain “colored […]

18K Yellow Gold Bracelet

Bracelets are timeless, and 18 karat yellow gold bracelets are no exception. 18k yellow gold bracelets allow you all the beauty of pure 24k gold, with the affordability and strength of lower purity gold bracelets. 18k Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelets Gold bangle bracelets have become the “go-to” accessory for adding a touch of character and […]

White Gold Snake Chain

Just as the name would imply, a snake chain is a series of links laid side by side that form a bendable tube, the finished product resembling a snake. Unlike traditional chains that join the links one to the other, a snake chain is more like a series of cups that form the pliable tube. […]

Gold Heart Locket

For so many years women have been wearing lockets around their necks to keep tiny photos and other memories close to their hearts. There are so many styles of heart lockets that there is one for literally any woman no matter how ornate or how simple she would like a gold heart locket to be. […]

14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring

Because of its versatility, the 14k yellow gold dome ring is one of the most popular rings. Commonly used for wedding bands, the dome ring is characterized by a rounded dome-like band/cylinder. Often dome rings are crafted with a large dome for the head, which may or may not be a setting for stones. Following […]

Silver Brooch

If you have ever gone through your mother’s wardrobe from old days, chances are that you will find a brooch or two. Brooches used to be common wardrobe staples back in the earlier days. Although not seen very frequently these days, brooches are sort of covert accessories that can spark up any kind of outfit. […]

Silver Rings for Women

One of the most popular precious metals for jewelry making is sterling silver. Defined as any piece containing 92.5 percent or more of pure silver, sterling makes excellent jewelry because the silver combined with another metal is durable, beautiful and can be crafted into all kinds of shapes. Pure silver cannot be used because it […]

Red Gold Jewelry

Red gold (otherwise known as Russian gold), is a type of colored gold, created from combining gold and copper, to form into a special and rare product. Usually used in specialist jewelry making, red gold holds a very significant era about it, and is often connected with wealth and status. Red gold is usually made […]

Silver Bracelets

A good silver bracelet is a remarkable fashion accessory, which conveys distinction, elegance and just the right amount of sparkle. As a precious metal, silver is also very durable and easy to preserve for generations; as such, silver bracelets are also a good investment. Many people these days buy this kind of jewelry not just […]

Gold Chains

If you’re looking for information about gold chains, you might be surprised to get more than you were looking for. You see, in this day and age many people actually shop their jewelry online; two main reasons: there is much higher diversity available, and prices can be much lower –  provided you know where to […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is the answer to your most demanding jewelry needs. They offer a variety of designs which are made for both men and women. They are perfectly made to suit the taste and preference of jewelry lovers. The good news is that this jewelry comes in affordable prices. It is also uniquely designed […]

White Gold Rings

Whether you’re looking to propose to a lover, give your friend a very special gift or buying something for yourself, buying a white gold ring is an exciting though, but can seem daunting at times. White gold is special type of gold, and is comprised from may different factors. Gold itself is the main alloy […]

18K Yellow Gold Earrings

To recognize the distinction between 14K and 18K gold, you must know the nature of the metal. 24K is 100% natural gold. While pure gold is an extremely powerful metal, it’s also the most flexible. The intense flexibility and smoothness of pure gold make it almost ineffective in making jewelry. To be able to use […]

Yellow Gold Pendant

Yellow gold pendants have recently gained a lot of popularity over last few years if not decade as an ideal and perfect gift for all the occasions. This kind of pendant is no longer associated with a luxury that only rich people can afford; as a matter of fact it has become a tradition to […]

Silver Snake Chain

You have probably seen a silver snake chain, but perhaps weren’t aware of what it was called. This is a very popular chain with a few variations, and it can be worn equally well by men or women. While some chains are just too ornamental or feminine to be worn by guys, a silver stake […]

Gold Serpentine Necklace

A gold serpentine necklace is basically a piece of jewelry that consists of a gold necklace with serpentine stones in it. It is common for this type of necklace to consist of a gold necklace with a serpentine pendant. The main focus on this type of jewelry is to the serpentine stone, which is a […]

White Gold Wedding Band

As you might know, white gold is currently among the most fashionable and sought after metals, and it’s used in all types of jewelry you can imagine… including wedding specific jewelry, such as engagement rings and of course, wedding bands, which are the focus of this article. A wedding band (commonly known as wedding ring) […]

18k White Gold Necklace

White gold has always been one of the most popular choices for people when it comes to buying necklaces or any other kind of jewelry. Just like silver, it pretty much goes with anything and it’s in style because you see a lot more people wearing it nowadays compared to yellow gold or any other […]

Sterling Silver Beads

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years, and has allowed people across the world to express their fashion and style. A sterling silver bead necklace or brooch I a great piece of jewelry that will allow you to show of your fashion sense, and provide as a really pretty piece of jewelry. Sterling Silver […]

Two Tone Gold Earrings

Two tone gold earrings are very well-known nowadays. It has become one of the top choices for almost everyone who wants the best of tradition and design in terms of fashion jewelry, and it’s enjoyed by the younger generation, as well adults and the elderly. Wearing this type of earring can be a good option […]

Gold Tiffany Bracelets

Tiffany is a very popular jewelry provider that has been in business for over 160 years. To this day, it is still one of the most popular and desirable brands of jewelry in the world. With their large selection of high quality jewelry comes high price tags as well though. Anyone that buys Tiffany jewelry […]

Silver Knotted Necklace

One of the newest trends in jewelry is the silver knotted necklace. Made from sterling silver and sometimes adorned with other materials, this type of necklace is durable, affordable and beautiful. Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent pure silver, with another metal such as copper to add hardness. Without the addition of another metal, the silver […]

Gold Engraved Cufflinks

Even though the times have changed, men still require formal wear and business attire from time to time, so giving the gift of gold engraved cufflinks would be the perfect idea for the man who seems to have everything. Sometimes it is just so hard to shop when you know he has all the men’s […]

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain

Sterling silver is a high purity form of silver. While the purest form of silver contains 99.9% silver, sterling silver contains 92.5% silver. Pure silver cannot be used for jewelry purposes because it is too soft to harden and keep that texture. This is the reason for sterling silver being the common type of silver […]

14K Yellow Gold Chains

Gold has been continuously increasing in value over the last handful of decades. This is a major reason for the euro currency having such a high conversion over the American dollar. Many individuals have invested in gold as a result of the increased value of it. Additionally, due to the tremendous increase in the cost […]