Glass Pearl Beads

If you are interested in jewelry making and want to stay up to date on the latest trends, you should be aware of the different types of glass beads. For example, Czech and Austrian glass is very popular for its beauty and quality. There are so many different colors of glass, from clear to every […]

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry is a kind of fashionable jewelry that has a small pad in them so that different types of scents and aroma’s can be placed inside. Not only are the scents enjoyed while you are wearing these pieces, but you will be able to enjoy more than just the fragrance, you’ll bring more peace […]

Crystal Brooch

Over the years a crystal brooch has trended in and out of style. In fact, this is the year that we are seeing them more frequently both on celebrities as well as on the people around us. Most often the style is similar to the ‘flower power’ craze of the ‘60s and ‘70’s, but some […]

Navel Rings

For the better part of the past two decades navel rings have been gaining more and more prominence in the world of fashion jewelry. There are a number of styles that are currently trending and as more young people have their navels pierced the trend will continue to grow. Whether wearing costume navel rings or […]

Vintage Lockets

Lockets can hold our most precious memories of a husband, lover, child or close friend. They represent a secret place where women can keep what they hold most dear next to their hearts. Giving a locket as a gift may be one of the most cherished gift you can give. Lockets may be old fashioned […]

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford the rising cost of precious metals, especially when they are combined with precious gemstones like diamonds. For anyone who is on a budget, it is good to know that they can still buy some truly gorgeous and affordable alternative to diamond jewelry. It’s called cubic zirconia or CZ […]

Claddagh Jewelry

While every gemstone and precious metal has folklore or mystical meanings beyond what can be seen by the eye, there are layers upon layers of lore in Claddagh jewelry. To anyone but an Irishman, Claddagh may not mean much. In fact, the average person may not even know that this tradition in jewelry is hundreds […]

Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestones have been used for many years in making jewelry. Vintage rhinestone jewelry is a hot collector’s item today and can be very valuable depending on the style and the year that it was created. Vintage rhinestone jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles and designs from the very discreet to the seemingly obnoxious. […]

Bridal Jewelry Sets

Bridal jewelry sets are definitely a mark of modern times in which we live. However wedding bridal jewelry sets go back in time to the ancient peoples who created them from things like bones, shells, pebbles, feathers etc. Around 3500 BC people started using metals like copper, bronze and silver with gemstones to make wedding […]

Tiffany Cufflinks

One of the most popular jewelry and gift companies is Tiffany and Co. Founded by Teddy Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837, this New York company first billed itself as a fine gift and stationery company. Today it is still an extremely popular provider of fine gifts and especially jewelry. The company has its […]

Costume Jewelry

One type of jewelry that has been around for hundreds of years is costume jewelry. Its popularity can waver with current trends. This kind of jewelry really became popular the early twentieth century when it was made popular by Coco Chanel. Right now costume jewelry is making a comeback and is very trendy today. Currently […]

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

The belly button piercing is becoming incredibly popular, especially amongst younger women. It has become a major fashion trend in the last five to ten years. You can find many actresses, models, athletes, and more with this type of body piercing. There are even some men that have a belly button piercing as well. There […]

Personalized Jewelry for Moms

Getting a nice personalized ring or some other piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day or some other special occasion is a good idea because it conveys a sort of personal message that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get across with anything else. There are a lot of great things to consider when it comes […]

White Gold Charms

White gold charms are typically extremely beautiful accessories that come in various styles, and are most suited to the majority of white gold charm bracelets. By the simple fact that there are numerous styles and types of charms to choose from, this will enable you to determine the best match for your particular bracelet. Charms […]

Rhinestone Brooches

One of the most fun and fabulous types of jewelry is the rhinestone brooch. You can find rhinestone brooches that are antique and some that are brand new. These brooches range in price from dirt cheap to expensive depending on how old they are, what metal they are set in, the designer and other factors. […]

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is one of the most important purchases of a young couple’s life. This jewelry usually consists of the wedding bands and engagement ring. In order to understand the meaning and significance of wedding jewelry we need to look at its meaning in history. The wedding ring has historically been placed on the fingers […]

Bakelite Jewelry

In its hay day, Bakelite jewelry wasn’t exactly what you would call designer jewelry, but it has its place in history, and a very important place at that! Today it is considered to be a highly prized collectable item because it is prominent historically for two very different reasons. Although it was only fashioned during […]

Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite jewelry is made from a material which is gleaned from iron sulfide and iron pyrite or fool’s gold. Marcasite is the common name that was first given to iron sulfide. Iron sulfide is a material that is commonly found anywhere mining for minerals is performed. However, genuine marcasite is rare in jewelry as in […]

Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry is a modern phenomenon. Reason being that jewelry, to begin with, was hand made i.e. hand stamped. Only with the advent of modern manufacturing methods when jewelry was mass produced, did it become necessary to denote jewelry made by hand as hand stamped. Today hand stamped jewelry is a mark of distinction, […]

Agate Beads

Agate beads have been admired for thousands of years. Agate beads have been used to make fine jewelry since it was first discovered in southwestern Sicily. Agate is named after the Achates River there. Today, agate is found in Egypt, Africa, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, India, USA, Italy and Nepal and many other places in […]

Murano Glass Jewelry

Named for a Venetian island of the same name, Murano Art Glass is known around the world for its breathtaking beauty and unique craftsmanship. As early as the 10th century, the island was renowned for its glass. These days, the island is the exclusive production location of this brand of art glass. While there are […]

Masonic Jewelry

The mystery of freemasonry dates back to the end of the 16th century. This secretive group has members in the millions to this day, all around the world. There are around 150,000 members in Ireland and Scotland, more than 250,000 members under the United Grand Lodge of England and as many as two million members […]

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel is another one of the metals that can be used to craft jewelry pieces. It looks very similar to silver which is one of the reasons that it is being widely used today to make a lot of different jewelry pieces. One of positives of using stainless steel to make jewelry is that […]

Butterfly Brooch

There are several different ways that you can accessorize with a butterfly brooch. The most obvious way is to wear a butterfly brooch on your shirt. Because of its playful shape, wearing a butterfly brooch on your shirt is a great way to add a touch of playfulness. The next way that you can accessorize […]

Estate Jewelry

The term estate jewelry typically refers to jewelry pieces that have been acquired from a living or deceased person’s estate. Simply put, estate jewelry is jewelry that was previously owned and is a very popular way to find beautiful and unique pieces without paying outrageous costs that newer jewelry pieces can bring. While some pieces […]

Vintage Pins

How many girls have gone through their mothers and grandmothers wardrobe and found vintage trinkets, brooches and pins and fell in love with them? I’d say a lot of them had the same experience. Vintage never goes out of fashion. This is true for both vintage clothing and accessories. Wearing vintage is a great way […]

Gold Figaro Chains

Interestingly enough, this classic Italian chain was actually designed with the Barber of Seville himself in mind! Based on the trilogy of operas, the Figaro chain is fashioned after the man, bold and big. But that is the classic Figaro that is usually comprised of three round gold links with one elongated oval link. The […]

Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Most often toe rings are worn in warm summer months when sandals are the footwear of choice, yet toe rings can be purchased year round as there are a number of locations where the temperature doesn’t usually get too cold for open toed shoes. In fact, the best buys may be available during winter months […]

Hair Jewelry

Jewelry and beautiful ornaments are most typically worn on the body, although there are also various forms of hair jewelry. It does not specifically matter what type of hair or haircut you have, whether it be long, short, medium, thin, thick or curly, you will find that there are some wonderful items of hair jewelry […]

Belly Button Rings

As recently as a decade ago no one would have thought that something as seemingly counter-culture as a belly ring could become so fashionable, even among everyday people. While they were once seen as something that was worn only by rebellious teenagers, now they are even trendy among people approaching middle age. (And well into […]

Open Heart Jewelry

Heart shaped jewelry has long been the choice for those who want to express their love. Open heart jewelry allows you to express your love in a unique and quite beautiful way. The open heart design has become very popular over the past few years, particularly since Jane Seymour created her open heart themed design […]

Lip Rings

Lip rings are rings used for facial piercings and are typically located on either the top or bottom lip. The most popular type of lip rings is the ring style although other styles are also available including studs. If you are planning to purchase a lip ring, particularly if you are getting your lip pierced […]

Amethyst Cufflinks

Amethyst is not only the most popular variety of quartz; it is also the most valuable. Amethyst gets its name from the Ancient Greek word “amethystos” which means “not intoxicated.” It is a traditional gift for the 6th wedding anniversary, and the birthstone for those born in the month of February. Cufflinks were invented to […]

Nose Studs

If you are new to the world of piercing, all the different styles of nose jewelry can be quite confusing. There are different gauges that the studs, wires, bones or rings can be made with and then there is a difference in how they are each manufactured and worn. There is actually no ‘best’ type […]

Sarah Coventry Jewelry

Sarah Coventry jewelry was a party plan company offering high quality costume jewelry. The pieces were made mostly from non precious metals such as sterling silver and set with semi previous or imitation gems. They sold jewelry that was fashionable and reasonably priced, making it affordable for all women. Despite being famous for its costume […]

Rhodium Cufflinks

It is truly amazing how something as ordinary sounding as ‘rhodium’ is actually quite the opposite! We often think of platinum, gold and silver as being the end all in precious metals, but in reality, rhodium is far more rare than even platinum. It is more expensive than platinum because of its rarity and rhodium […]

Twisted Serpentine Chain

As a variation of a serpentine chain, a twisted serpentine chain is a series of s-links that have been set closely together and then joined by two links set just below them. The twisted variation adds style and definition to an otherwise ordinary chain. Most often you will see twisted serpentine chains as a necklace […]

Cufflinks for Men

One of the most popular gifts for guys are cufflinks for men. Cufflinks are a pair of decorative hooks that hold together the cuffs of a dress shirt. These days they aren’t a necessity as most men’s dress shirts button at the cuffs, however they can dress up the shirt and represent a man’s unique […]

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry can be used to describe jewelry from across many time periods and ages, so defining it can often be tricky. Vintage costume jewelry is often worn by people who prefer to keep up with the tradition of finely crafted and retro jewelry, and who also like to look the part. Vintage costume […]

Brooches and Pins

Fashionable brooches and pins are one of our specialties, as you can see from browsing this website. So if you are searching for the right kind of jewelry whether it’s for you or for your loved one, we are here to help. Your budget is not a problem because there is a wide array of […]

Titanium Jewelry

There are so many different styles of titanium jewelry that it would blow your mind as you simply explore all the different styles, shapes and cuts that are available. You can find necklaces, anklets, earrings, and bracelets that are made out of titanium. You might be someone that is just opting for a simple look […]

Christian Jewelry

Christian Jewelry is something which is very close to peoples hearts. They believe it helps connect them to their religions, and creates a passageway to the Lord. Of course, all Christians see this in a different way, and many Christians won’t even wear Christian Jewelry at all, but those that do will all have special […]

Handmade Beaded Jewelry

As handmade jewelry enthusiasts and fans of beads, we have spent a lot of time and effort putting together this website as a one-stop resource for everyone who is interested in this unique type of handmade jewelry. This article will provide you with some background information on beaded jewelry, and you will also find a […]

Vintage Cufflinks

Vintage cufflinks can often provide that special shirt with a touch of class, and they are considered a great choice for any man. The actual term “vintage” will typically apply to specific items of jewelry that have been created in a design or style of a previous era. This does not, obviously, mean that they […]

Dichroic Glass Jewelry

You could spend literally hours or days looking at this lovely art from known as dichroic jewelry, and never tire of all the nuances and shadings of color where you will almost never find two pieces alike. This is an artisan’s paradise and a technique that is steeped in technology. If you have never seen […]

Garnet Cufflinks

Garnet is the birthstone of January and is considered to be one of the most versatile gemstones that you are likely to come across. They typically come in a wide array of colours from a deep red to tangerine, to orange and limegreen, to pale pink, and you will often find Garnets that are brown, […]

Navajo Jewelry

Native American jewelry holds a substantial amount of value to American Indians because it can be used to display their Native status. The jewelry is also commonly bought and worn by non-Native Americans as well, simply for the visual appeal and fashion statement that it can make. There are many different types of Native American […]

Art Deco Jewelry

Art deco jewelry initially made it into the spotlight during the 1920’s. It was a type of jewelry style that was made up of gold, steel, pearl, rubies, and so on. The jewels would be created in geometric shapes (squares, triangles, circles, etc). Art deco was built with four different sub-categories of styles, which were […]

Larimar Jewelry

Larimar was the result of volcano occurrences that have occurred over the past millions of years. Larimar is essentially pectolite, which is naturally produced. Larimar is sodium calcium inosilicate hydroxide. This is a combination of many stable compounds. This means that larimar can be used in jewelry without causing any health issues to the human […]

Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry is often sought out for the unique and artistically beautiful designs. The jewelry often includes quality gems, metals, beads, animal bones, teeth, and more. The jewelry also features unique designs so no piece is really the exact same, unless it was imported and not really handmade. Who Makes Native American Jewelry? The […]

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry offers a beautiful, graceful, and classy appeal that many women desire. Women in royal families and female celebrities often wear this type of jewelry for the elegant appearance that it creates. Pearl jewelry truly showcases the beautiful look of natural pearls and cultured pearls. Pearls in jewelry emphasize on gracefulness and elegance in […]