Chandelier Earrings

When it comes to the world of fashion and jewelry, there are always a handful of styles and trends that are at the head of the pack. In the case of earrings, the style of earrings that everyone is currently buzzing about and wearing is chandelier earrings.

As with most major fashion trends, celebrities are always at the forefront. Chandelier earrings are no exception to this rule. When Ivanka Trump made an appearance on the popular television show Gossip Girl, she wore a pair of chandelier earrings that are worth thirty thousand dollars. Beyonce loves to regularly match a pair of chandelier earrings with a sexy skirt. During the Spring 2011 runway shows for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, many of the models showed off chandelier earrings as they gracefully floated down the runways. And when Anna Chapman, the alleged Russian spy, graced the cover of Maxim magazine, she did so holding a silver gun, wearing black lacy lingerie, and wearing a pair of diamond chandelier earrings.

Like most fashion trends, chandelier earrings are not new. Although they are once again incredibly popular, fashion icon Edie Sedgwick loved wearing beautiful chandelier earrings during the 1960s.

Styles of Chandelier Earrings
What makes chandelier earrings so popular is the fact that they make a bold statement. When you wear a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings, people won’t be able to help but notice them on you. Another thing that is great about chandelier earrings is that they are very versatile. While a large pair of diamond chandelier earrings can be the perfect finishing touch for a formal event outfit, more toned down chandelier earrings can look just as good with a casual day-to-day outfit.

While all chandelier earrings feature multiple elements that gracefully dangle from the ear, chandelier earrings come in many different shapes and styles.

Under $70:

  • Silver chandelier earrings made from crystal teardrops. The design of this pair features a single crystal teardrop, followed by a two row cluster of four teardrops, and completed with another single teardrop.
  • 1928 silver chandelier earrings. The main body of these earrings is in the shape of oval. Each oval is accented by a variety of interior designs, as well as brilliant black dangling beads.
  • Chandelier earrings with a hippie chic aesthetic. The pair begins with a white flower, followed by the gold body of the earring. The body features a turquoise accent and multiple clear crystals that uniformly dangle.
  • .925 silver chandelier earrings with a very modern design. The chandelier effect is achieved with brilliant crystals.
  • Five crystal teardrops suspended from an intricately designed gold body that’s accented by petite crystals.


  • Eleven different pieces of aster colored stones that are arranged into a cascading design.
  • Four golden circles arranged in a one-two-one pattern. At the top of each chandelier earring is a red rhodolite stone, as well as five that hang from the bottom.
  • A gold and silver design that features an obtuse diamond shape with flower shaped designs in the middle.


  • A large silver flower shape with accents on the top and bottom.
  • A set of circular chandelier earrings that feature elegant dangling accents.
  • A pair of gold chandelier earrings that branch out like a tree. The pair is accented by clear crystals.
  • Beautiful gold chandelier earrings that are each completed with three intense garnet accents.

Over $300:

  • Exquisite chandelier earrings made from white gold and accented by 3/8 carats worth of diamonds.
  • Long and elegant chandelier earrings that have 1.25 carats of lovely diamond accents.
  • Made from Austrian black crystals, a set of chandelier earrings that make a truly bold statement.

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