Chanel Watches

Chanel S.A., better known as simply Chanel, is one of the most premier luxury clothing, accessory, and perfume manufacturers with a name that is recognizable all around the world. The company has both stores and outlets in some of the biggest centers for fashion from New York City and Los Angeles to London, Paris and Tokyo. Its logo, whether simply the name Chanel, or the double C’s, is a mark of both quality and luxury.

The difference between a Chanel watch and any other ordinary watch isn’t just the price, the brand name, or the luxury. No, Chanel watches are also extremely accurate timepieces, made with the finest quality parts and the most accurate and refined pieces to make a timepiece that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Chanel Quartz Watches
Chanel has a very beautiful set of women’s quartz watches that are some of their most popular pieces. Quartz pieces, unlike less expensive tuning forks, are thousands of times more accurate for keeping time. The use of quartz in timepieces and watches is expected, since quartz has also been used for decades in electronics like radios, transmitters and computers.

Quartz means quality. Since quartz is chemically similar to sand, no amount of exposure to the elements will affect it. Also, high amounts of electric charge will not affect the quartz itself, making it a perfect fit for quality watches. In high quality watches, the quartz creates small pulses that are used to drive the mechanical pieces of the watch, and in doing so, create a very smooth motion of the hands to keep accurate time.

Chanel’s quartz watches come with a variety of features. Their most simple quartz watches merely keep the time, with no date or day keepers. The most complex offer hour, minute, and second hands as well as a date keeper between the 4 and 5 on the bottom right of the face of the watch. Shoppers should expect to pay upwards of $4,000 for a high quality Chanel quartz watch.

Chanel Men’s Watches
Chanel also has a great line of men’s watches in both quartz, chronograph and marine styles, many of which utilize quartz technology.

The chronograph watch is perhaps the most functional, since it not only tells the time and date, but can also be used as a stopwatch. Designed for people who need accuracy and functionality, Chanel’s chronograph watches are also beautiful luxury items.

Chanel’s marine watches are nearly indestructible with sapphire crystals and rubber watch bands to make a watch that can be worn in any conditions. Unlike Chanel’s other luxury watches which are generally rated up to 100 feet of water, Chanel’s marine style watches are rated up to 300 meters of water resistance.

Why Buy Chanel Watches
Whether you purchase your Chanel watch at a Chanel branded retail outlet, or from another distributor, you should be both impressed with the quality of the timepiece and the company behind it. Many distributors offer warranties of 2-5 years on the Chanel watches they sell, giving you the confidence that your watch is quality.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an inexpensive Chanel wristwatch. The least expensive Chanel watches start at just over two thousand dollars all the way up to $20,000 and more. On the higher-end of the price spectrum, the practical watch becomes a piece of jewelry. Many of Chanel’s most expensive watches have several carats worth of high quality diamonds lining the face of the wristwatch and on the watch band. In some cases, the watch bezel is also encrusted with one or many diamonds, adding a bit of flair to even the most basic designs.

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