Charm Necklaces for Moms

Nothing pleases a mom more than keeping her children close to her wherever she goes. While it isn’t always possible to keep them by your side 24 hours a day, you can keep them with you in thought with fashionable charm necklaces for moms. There are so many styles and qualities available, that these endearing necklaces can be found to fit literally any budget. From sterling silver to 18k gold, there is sure to be something for every mom.

Charm necklaces for moms are great gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day and even for birthdays. Young mothers often receive one as a gift at the birth of a first child, and as other babies are born, charms are added. These necklaces can have the charms dangling directly from the chain, or they can have a loop for the charms to be attached to. Most often moms like the charms to hang from a loop as it keeps them together, while others like the way they loosely hang when simply attached to the chain. It is even possible to attach charms directly to links of the chain at various intervals.

One of the newest innovations in charm necklaces for moms is known as a stackable charm necklace. Usually crafted in 14k yellow or white gold, or sterling sliver, these are quite unique and entirely breathtaking. The chain (necklace) can be literally any style, but a medium weight rope chain or flat fox chain. The actual stackable charms are made on a flat bar that loops over the chain itself and the birthstones of the child are set at various heights, and in various shapes so that no two charms will look alike. It is quite unique and words can’t do this lovely charm necklace justice. Stackable birthstone rings are also available that round out the set. Give the charm for Christmas and the ring for her birthday, each year until the set is complete for every child.

Many moms will love Moppets charms that resemble rounded little people, similar to Dutch stacking dolls, yet crafted in gold or sterling. Each boy or girl Moppet is set with the birthstone for the month the child was born. They can be worn as charms for necklaces or for bracelets, and actually, could even complete a set – one for the neck, and one for the wrist. Girl Moppets are crafted so that the detail shows bangs, and a bow in her hair, with birthstones filling in for color on the pinafore. Little boy Moppets have a backwards baseball cap with birthstones coloring the front of his shirt. This is one unique gift that every mother will love.

Other favorites include Precious Babies and Loving Hands charm necklaces for moms. The precious babies, like the Moppets come in either a boy or girl baby charm. Most often these charms are simply gold or silver, but some are crafted with the birthstone for the month of the child’s birth. Loving hands are commonly formed within a heart with the mother’s hand reaching down and the baby’s hand reaching up to grasp the mom. While the heart shaped frame is most popular, also available are oval Loving Hand charms. These too can be worn both on a necklace and as a charm for a bracelet.

There are so many variations of charms and charm necklaces for moms that there is sure to be something to please any mother. Prices will vary depending on whether they are crafted from gold or silver, and of course the gemstone that is set in the charm. But in whether silver or gold, this is a gift that any mother would be proud to wear – and grandmothers too, for that matter. Starting with their own children, grandmothers charm necklaces for mothers are then layered down to the next generation. What a truly thoughtful and loving gift for those special ladies who gave us the gift of life.

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