Charm Pendants

Charm pendants and bracelets have now become the hottest fads among teenage girls. Anything that has charms dangling from it, are now very sought after products. Not only have these gained popularity among young girls, but adult women too love these simple yet chic jewelry. Charm jewelry consists of a chain that has many types of charms dangling from it. The small pieces of pendants that dangle from the chain are called charms. These small pendants can represent anything from a small key to an apple. It can be a small metal shoe, or even a small metal leaf – it can be anything.

Charms are especially popular because they look good with almost everything. These small charms are so sought after that some people even collect these charms. They can be of various shapes, sizes and colors. Although they might include, but are not limited to small objects like shoes, lipsticks, flower vases, house-hold objects, jewels, heart or star signs, initials of the person who wears them, small wooden objects, miniature animals, fish, plants, leaves, fruits, photo frames, or even small engraved tablets. Sometimes charms are put around separately in each chain hole, and sometimes they are put together in one big ring, then put in a chain, and worn.

Charms have an interesting history that dates back to ancient times when people believed in various forms of superstition. Charms were worn in chains to ward off evil spirits or to protect oneself from danger. Later, these charms were worn by knights to signify their ranks. Queen Victoria is generally credited for giving these charms the stylish and fashionable purpose they bear today. During World War II, soldiers would return home from foreign countries with charms for their wives and loved ones. The trend continued to the early 1950s when charms became the most popular gifts for women. Although the popularity of charms rose and fell occasionally, these simple pieces of jewelry have become popular again since the last decade.

Charm pendants are like collector’s items. There are so many types of them that it is impossible for one person to have all types of this little jewelry. These pendants can come in various types of metals like gold, silver, platinum and even steel. Some designs of these pendants also have a combination of various colors of gold such as yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. They especially look good because of the presence of so many colors. The good thing about these various combinations of colors is that they look good when worn with dresses of any color.

A new category of these pendants consists of small wooden boxes or shapes. These shapes may have engravings of written text or small simple drawings of various types of figures. Sometimes they may be made like boxes that can be opened or like small blocks that can be rearranged and changed into various other shapes.

Charm pendants are especially popular because they can be worn in almost all occasions – casual functions or formal occasions. Although women of all ages can wear them, they are more popular with teenaged and preteen girls. Some charms (especially the heart-shaped ones) can be split into half. These charms are often used by friends with each person getting one-half of it. They are also popular gifts among couples that are worn to signify the love and commitment between the partners. Pendants that have a small photo frame are also common types of charms. Girls can often be seen wearing them with pictures of themselves or of someone special. Charms are also common among young men. Men usually prefer charms that have logos of their favorite sports team or a signature of their favorite sports personality or even logos of their favorite brands of cars.

Charm pendants are wonderful as gifts. They can be worn in chains to wear around the neck, as well as in bracelets. They are the perfect presents for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, proms, or even when a baby is born. These beautiful pieces of jewelry are perfect for every occasion. When in doubt regarding what kind of present should be given, it is best to consider giving a charm pendent to one’s loved one.

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