Charriol Bracelets

Charriol is a manufacturer – Swiss design in origin – of watches, accessories and jewelry. They are in fact, one of the world’s largest wristwatch manufacturers. The company was founded by French entrepreneur, Phillipe Charriol, in Hong Kong in 1983.This company, which later moved its operations to Geneva, gives other watch manufacturers such as Cartier, Rolex, David Yurman and Chopard stiff competition. With boutiques throughout Europe and the U.S. reaching to Asia, Australia and more, it is no wonder Charriol celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 2008 with a massive following.

The bracelet’s design
Simply stated, the basic design of the Charriol bracelet is a banded cord threaded through 1, 2, or 3 bangles spaced slightly apart.

The corded wrist band
Available in the finer jewelry stores, the cord on which the bangles are threaded can be made of gold, silver, or bronze (or some other precious metal or combination thereof that can be fashioned into a corded bracelet). The colors on these wristbands can range from the natural tone of the precious metal to an added black, silver or gold.

The bangles
The cord that is the actual bracelet is threaded through little bead like objects that can be made of or modeled after almost anything you can imagine. Once again, in fine jewelry stores, you will find these made out of precious gems, stones and metals with the bangle itself either having a stone mounted in a metal setting or being made from metal into a specific shape.

Gems or stones in metal settings
Various selections of precious stones or gems that can be mounted in a setting can be your heart desire from diamonds to white topaz and more.

Bangles shaped from precious metals
Bangles shaped from precious metals or otherwise have names which have been assigned to their shapes. Two typical styles of these are ‘stackable’ and ‘station’. Metal settings for gems or stones fall into the stackable category whereas the metal shapes are classified as station. Two of the station bangles are square (shaped like a cube) and round (shaped like a tiny wheel). The designs on the flat surfaces of the cube or round bangles contribute to the specific name of each Charriol bracelet. An example of this is the ‘Celtic Noir’. This bracelet has a picture of a Celtic symbol on the face of the round bangle.

Charriol cuff bracelet
Adding one or more bands held together with a metal ring or one continuous band wound around several times, turns your average Charriol bracelet into a Charriol cuff bracelet. The bangles can be mounted in the same fashion as with the original or can be replaced by small jeweled flat rings or a setting mounted to the multiple bands. Some of the settings are; a round setting for a gem or stone, a heart outline with tiny stones set in the edges, more diamond shaped (rather than round) setting for either one stone or multiple stones, a circle on the same lines as the heart outline and a truly unique feature with a line of tiny mounted jewels running from the top band and across the outer surface joining with the bottom band in a diagonal line design.

One is not enough
Of course if a Charriol Bracelet is a good thing, a Charriol ring, earrings and Charriol necklace would be even better! Just get the whole set. The rings are fashioned like small bracelets; if you could shrink down one of the bracelets until it fit your finger, that’s exactly what it would look like. The necklaces, on the other hand, incorporate the cord as the long necklace and rather than threading that cord through a bangle, a setting is hung from the necklace itself with diamonds or other precious stones inlaid.

The Celtic bracelet in history
Beginning as early as 200BC but possibly as late as 500AD, silver and gold were being crafted into bracelets, dress fasteners, sleeves or cuffs and so on. The Irish monks took those designs and altered them to their own liking which caught the attention of Mediterranean buyers for their craftsmanship and beauty. Suddenly, merchants and traders couldn’t get enough of the Celtic jewelry. Some of today’s Celtic jewelry is still fashioned with the same techniques used by the ancient Celtic goldsmiths. The meanings of many of the Celtic designs are a mystery to this day. Luck, love, happiness, prosperity and various Irish blessings are associated with many of the shapes and symbols utilized in Celtic jewelry.

The exquisite craftsmanship of a Charriol bracelet is evident even at first glance. It employs a gentlye simplistic design which somehow quietly speaks volumes and is only surpassed by its beauty and elegance. This gracefully stated motif is perfect for the person that enjoys quiet sophistication of only the highest caliber. Though this bracelet seemed to have originated as a woman’s piece of jewelry, there are now Charriol bracelets available for men. The same elite craftsmanship applies, but in a more masculine design.

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