Citrine Necklace

Citrine is commonly referred to as quartz topaz. This is because of the distinctive colors that citrine is made up of. This includes yellow, brownish orange, and amber. Citrine also features a transparency that is unique and visually appealing.

Citrine jewelry is very affordable so even the highest priced and most attractive pieces will likely be within your budget. A single carat of citrine can cost anywhere between $10 and $70 when the stone is lightweight (under 5 carats). A single carat of citrine can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 when the stone is heavyweight (5 to 25 carats).

Knowing the Difference Between Citrine and Yellow Topaz
Before you look into buying citrine jewelry or yellow topaz jewelry, it is important that you know the difference between the though. There are many fake pieces of jewelry being sold as a result of the major similarities between the two types of gems. Citrine is commonly marketed as yellow topaz in an attempt for the seller to make extra money. As a buyer, you have to beware with this because citrine is not as high quality as yellow topaz.

The main differences include that citrine will not present the same sparkle that yellow topaz does and the color tones will not be as substantial with citrine. The way to tell the difference in color tones is pretty simple. Citrine can be spotted by noticing a through and through color tone that is pretty solid in hue. Yellow topaz has a more diverse color tone that has minor change ups of hue throughout the gem.

If there is not a blatant rip off being attempted by the seller, there are ways to identify non-real yellow topaz being sold. The best way is to look at the name of the gem that is being sold. If it is going under the name “imperial topaz” or “precious topaz” then you know that it is citrine, and not real yellow topaz. You would have to get the gem tested for authenticity to really know if it is citrine or yellow topaz. Just deal with trusted jewelry stores if you are worried about getting ripped off with fake stones.

Buying a Citrine Necklace

If you cannot afford or do not want yellow topaz jewelry, then you may be more interested in citrine jewelry. One of the most common pieces of jewelry made with citrine would be the citrine necklace. These are very nice and can be appealing to many people. They may not be as attractive as the real yellow topaz necklaces but it will be difficult to spot any major differences between them.

There will be many different choices of citrine necklaces available. Due to the inexpensive price for this type of jewelry, you will be able to buy a long and heavy necklace if you wish to do so. You can choose between many different styles and designs, and easily find something that appeals to you. With the right necklace and pendant, a citrine necklace can look amazing on just about anyone.

Final Thoughts
Citrine may not be as valuable as yellow topaz but it is still a great gem. If you were looking to buy a new necklace then it would be worth considering a citrine necklace. If you like the color of citrine then there is a good chance that you will be able to find a citrine necklace that is appealing to you. This is due to the fact that there are endless styles, designs, and variations of citrine necklaces to choose from.

Buying a citrine necklace would be a step down from buying a real topaz necklace. It is still a great choice if you cannot acquire the better of the two. Ultimately, it would definitely be worth your effort to look at the citrine necklaces that are available as many of them look very nice and there will likely be some that interest you.

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