Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are a particular type of jewelry that is designed to be worn when attending cocktail parties. It was especially common for individuals to wear cocktail rings during the prohibition period in the United States when attending illegal cocktail parties. The ring was often used to show off the fact that the wearer was breaking the law while drinking and doing so at a highly praised type of event.

It was during the forties and fifties that the cocktail ring became incredibly popular. This was because of the fact that cocktail parties were becoming increasingly popular during this time frame. While cocktail parties are no longer overly popular, the cocktail rings still remain considerably popular and are regularly worn for formal events. You can often spot individuals wearing cocktail rings at special events such as film premieres and film award shows.

Today, the most popular choice of cocktail ring to wear would have to be the large diamond cocktail ring. There are cocktail rings available with many different types of precious and semi precious gemstones. However, the diamond stone would definitely have to be one of the most popular choices of gemstones for cocktail rings. Some rings combine diamond stones with other gemstones as well for the added appeal that this offers.

Cocktail rings feature very large gemstones so it is very common for people to purchase fake stones or imitation stones. This is because of the fact that such large stones would be very expensive if they were of high quality stones such as the diamond stone. There are also costume jewelry pieces of cocktail rings available that provide an imitation of a pricey and flashy cocktail ring. Wearing an inexpensive type of cocktail ring is generally acceptable but you will not want to wear these pieces at extremely prestigious events.

Buying a fake or imitation cocktail ring is actually the best route to go for most people and in most situations. It will decrease the chance of the ring being stolen and limit your losses if it is. You will still make the same fashion statement but at a much more affordable price.

A fake or imitation cocktail ring can run you anywhere from $100 to $500 for an attractive piece. The real cocktail rings can easily cost more than $100,000 as they feature very large and quality gemstones in the ring. Some cocktail rings are even worth millions, and tens of millions, of dollars.

When looking for a cocktail ring to buy you may want to take a look at the pieces that are available online. There is a decent selection of cocktail rings available but most of them will be fake or imitation pieces. This is because these are more popular as they are more affordable and still make a great fashion statement. With a budget of a few hundred dollars you will be able to find a cocktail ring that has the visual characteristics that you desire.

If you are shopping for the highest quality cocktail ring for your money then you may want to get a custom made ring. This would be for someone that has a four figure budget or higher. Even a budget of a few thousand dollars will not go a long ways when buying a cocktail ring as the large stone is so pricey. However, if you look around enough you should be able to find a cocktail ring that is of large size, features all the qualities you desire, and has a reasonable price tag.

Remember that the size of the stone plays the largest role in the overall appeal of a cocktail ring. You will want to make sure that the stone in the ring is a minimum of three carats. Ideally, a cocktail ring will have a gemstone that is at least five carats. The idea of the cocktail ring is that it features a large stone that will be immediately eye catching and desirable. To get the perfect stone for a cocktail ring you may want to consider purchasing a loose gemstone and getting the ring custom built.

As you can see, a cocktail ring is a very flashy and expensive piece of jewelry. Even the imitation pieces will run you a decent amount of money. The cocktail ring definitely is effective though. A high quality cocktail ring will be able to catch the attention of everyone when worn on a special occasion. If you want to make the biggest fashion statement possible at a special event then you may want to consider wearing a quality cocktail ring.

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