Colombian Emerald Ring

The Colombian emerald stone is often classified as being the highest quality of emerald stone in the world. The Colombian emerald most commonly originates from the Coscuez Mine. It is a very rare gemstone and is considered to be the highest priced type of emerald of all. The Colombian emerald is sometimes referred to as the Trapiche emerald. The Colombian emerald features a star shaped pattern. The pattern forms from the center of the emerald and flows through the gem beautifully.

What is a Colombian Emerald Ring?
A Colombian emerald ring is simply a ring that is set with Colombian emeralds. There may be one or more of these emerald stones. You may also have other gemstones in the ring as well. Most Colombian emerald rings are made with yellow gold or white gold but other metals may be used also.

There are many different styles and designs of Colombian emerald rings that will be available. Any type of ring that is set with this stone is classified as a Colombian emerald ring. This means that you could even get a customized Colombian emerald ring if you are prepared to purchase a loose stone to get it professionally set in a ring with the settings you desire. This would be a more ideal choice as there is not a huge selection of Colombian emerald rings available but you can still find various qualities and prices of loose Colombian emerald stones.

The Value of a Colombian Emerald Ring

As the Colombian emerald stone is easily considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, it will be very expensive for you to purchase a Colombian emerald ring. It is also very difficult to find this type of ring, as there are not that many Colombian emerald gemstones available either.

Many jewelry collectors and enthusiasts will tell you that a Colombian emerald ring is extremely expensive. If you were to look at the prices for this type of jewelry then you may be shocked by how costly it can be. There are Colombian emerald rings for as little as $150 to $300 but some of the higher quality choices can cost over $150,000 so you should realize that there is a major difference between pieces. The actual price of the Colombian emerald ring will vary depending on the quality and size of the stone though.

The Cost of a Colombian Emerald Stone
To understand the value of a Colombian emerald ring you will have to understand the value of a Colombian emerald stone. This is determined mostly by the cut, clarity, lustre, and color intensity of the stone. You can find both lower quality and higher quality Colombian emerald stones used in Colombian emerald rings so it is important to differentiate them to know the true value of the ring.

The lower priced Colombian emerald stones can go for as little as $100 per carat. These stones will often not be very appealing as they have a weak color intensity, clarity, and low quality cut characteristics. If you want a higher quality Colombian emerald stone then you can expect to pay a much higher price, of even $5,000 per carat or more. You will get a very strong color intensity and nearly flawless clarity and cut characteristics with Colombian emeralds around this price range.

A Colombian emerald ring is highly desirable, as the piece will contain the most appealing type of emerald stone in the world. It is a great investment for anyone that is a fan of this beautiful green gemstone. There are many different choices available in styles and designs of Colombian emerald rings as well so you will easily be able to find one that appeals to you.

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