Costume Jewelry

One type of jewelry that has been around for hundreds of years is costume jewelry. Its popularity can waver with current trends. This kind of jewelry really became popular the early twentieth century when it was made popular by Coco Chanel. Right now costume jewelry is making a comeback and is very trendy today. Currently vintage costume jewelry pieces of the late 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s are quickly becoming the accessory to own as well. There are a lot companies producing new pieces but still, lots of women love to own vintage costume jewelry too.

Women who love costume jewelry know that one of its greatest advantages is the fact that it is so easy to buy and readily available that it allows you to experiment with a variety of styles, colors and themes. Costume jewelry adds style and beauty to you and your ensemble and many women wear for the sheer pleasure it gives them. Wearing costume jewelry can further highlight your personality and can women appreciate the look it adds to their outfits. Costume jewelry defines your fashion statement, so whether it’s classic or stylish look you are going for it is your choice.

This type of jewelry is made out of a variety of materials such as glass beads, synthetic gemstones, and inexpensive base metals. The difference between fine costume jewelry and cheap costume jewelry is the metals used to make it. Costume jewelry comes in a wide array of styles and designs. You can purchase it as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, anklets or belly-button rings.

The new costume jewelry is most popular when it is big, bold and brightly colored. Large crystal beads, large fake gemstones and metals like brass and copper are currently very trendy. You’ll find that there are large cocktail rings and piles of bangles to choose from as well as large beaded necklaces. You can find inexpensive pieces which you will be able to wear with numerous outfits. Wearing costume jewelry will help you look fabulous every time you leave the house and you’ll find that it has a certain amount of charisma all its own.

Also, more and more brides are opting for bridal costume jewelry these days. They would rather wear costume jewelry since it is hard to tell the real from the fake that it doesn’t make sense to blow their wedding budget on diamonds, gold and other precious stones. Even though costume bridal jewelry looks expensive, it is really very affordable. These days costume bridal jewelry looks so much like fine authentic jewelry that it’s difficult to distinguish between it and fine jewelry. Another good thing about bridal costume jewelry is that if it gets lost or stolen it wouldn’t be as tragic as losing the real thing.

Affordability is the biggest advantage of costume jewelry. Because it is so inexpensive you can experiment with a large variety of themes, colors, and styles to match your mood, wardrobe and interests. Variety is the second benefit you get from costume jewelry. You have an unparalleled variety of colors and styles to choose from. You’ll find synthetic stones in costume jewelry made from cubic zirconia, rhinestone as well as synthetic crystals, or glass beads. These materials are produced in just about any color you can think of. Aside from the base metals used in costume jewelry, you’ll also find that pieces can be made from other materials like nylon fiber and plastic acrylic. Also natural materials like wood, shell, or stones can be used in costume jewelry pieces.

You will find all kinds of vendors online that sell costume jewelry. It is most fun to view the various websites and choose such a variety of styles, colors and materials. You will also find the best pricing online.

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