Crystal Brooch

Over the years a crystal brooch has trended in and out of style. In fact, this is the year that we are seeing them more frequently both on celebrities as well as on the people around us. Most often the style is similar to the ‘flower power’ craze of the ‘60s and ‘70’s, but some pieces are also trending toward antiques and antique crystal brooch replicas. However, there is a segment of the population who will always wear a crystal brooch no matter whether they are trendy or not, simply for their healing power.

Healing Crystals
There is a significant portion of the worldwide community who subscribes to the notion that crystals have healing and restorative properties. This is not a new philosophy and has actually been around since recorded history. Different crystals are attributed with specific ‘powers’ and as a result, if that healing or energy is needed, the person will wear the crystal, often in an amulet or a brooch to absorb the energies by keeping it close to the heart.

Swarovski Crystal Brooch
By far the most famous cut for a crystal was developed by Daniel Swarovski which makes a Swarovski crystal brooch a piece to be treasured. This particular cut brings out the luminance of the gem in such a way that it actually shines more brilliantly than through any other cut. While several crystals can be cut from the same piece of quartz (or other crystalline stone) none of them will ever shine with the same radiance as the one with the Swarovski cut. You will know a Swarovski crystal brooch when you see it, simply by the sheer brilliance of the stone. In fact, the late President Kennedy once purchased an Art Nouveau Swarovski cut brooch set for his wife, which instantly won them renewed popularity in the United States.

Original “Rhinestone Brooches” Were Crystal
During the mid part of the last century, rhinestones were all the rage. They were that generation’s version of today’s cubic zirconia. Young girls and women who were not able to afford genuine diamonds often wore rhinestone rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and brooches. The original rhinestones were fashioned from crystals, but over time cut glass was used instead as a cheaper alternative. Today’s crystal brooches are reminiscent of the original rhinestone brooches that were cut from quartz crystals, most often diamante. Crystal brooches have found favor with the updated ‘retro look’ of that generation and many are crafted to look as if they came directly out of a time capsule.

Famous Designers Set the Trend in 2010
While there are a number of new brooches that have a retro appeal, current trendy designers such as Prada have taken a unique approach to the crystal brooch. One of the more trendy pieces is the Prada Plex Crystal Brooch fashioned from a cluster of plex crystal beads. This brooch generally retails for around $395 while it may be possible to find discounts from online merchants. Other designers also have updated renditions of crystal brooches and 2010 is seeing increasing numbers of fashionable pieces.

There is something exquisitely feminine about a crystal brooch that no other piece of jewelry is able to duplicate. Men wear rings, pendants, bracelets, and even earrings, but only a lady wears a crystal brooch. Whether it is an expensive designer brooch or a trendy costume piece, a brooch is all woman. They are back in fashion this year so look for amazing pieces to start appearing at fashion shows and at your favorite jewelers. An amazing number of contemporary brooches as well as antiques and antique replicas can also be found online where you may even find them at reduced prices. 2010 is definitely the year of the brooch.

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