Crystal Pendants

The strange thing about crystal pendants is that we somehow have always looked at them as merely ‘costume jewelry’. While they aren’t necessarily always a precious stone, let’s not forget that diamonds, emeralds and rubies are crystals too! It is simply the clarity and rarity of the stone that give it its intrinsic value. However, to many people, crystals are so much more than lovely stones that you wear because of their beauty. Each and every crystal also has a metaphysical meaning that literally millions of people around the world believe in. From healing to balance, sobriety and love – each crystal pendant has a meaning that goes deeper than splendor.

Swarovski Pendants
Probably the most famous crystal pendants in the world are fashioned Swarovski crystals, because of the signature Swarovski cut that brings out the brilliant luminance in the gem. Originally inspired by the Aurora Borealis, young Daniel Swarovski created a cut that would transform the crystal cutting industry. Any pendant that is fashioned with a precisely cut Swarovski crystal is certain to be exquisite. Any two crystals could be cut from the same pieces of stone, but the Swarovski crystal will always outshine the other – figuratively as well as literally!

Austrian Crystal Pendants
Here again, the Austrian crystal is most often associated with the Swarovski cut, however an Austrian crystal is not a crystal in the literal sense. An Austrian crystal is actually manmade, hand-blown glass that is cut in the elegant Swarovski manner that brings out a radiance that is unsurpassed. The cut creates a unique refraction rate of light that is responsible for the marvelous sparkle. One of the latter processes that Daniel created was a special coating that enhances both the sparkle and color. This process along with the Swarovski cut makes Austrian hand-blown crystals as amazingly beautiful as if they were mined quartz.

Chakra Pendants
It is not always the beauty or elegance of a crystal pendant that gives it such appeal. Crystals are thought to hold special properties that can affect the balance of one’s life. Each crystal, with its corresponding color or colors, is endowed with the ‘power’ to affect some level of spiritual, emotional or physical healing in the body. Most common of the metaphysical crystals are rose quartz, jade, fluorite, lapis, hematite, methysts, kyanite, obsidian and citrine. Each has a color and coordinating power associated with the natural stone. Just as crystals are used in electronic communication devices, advocates of wearing crystal pendants believe that they ‘communicate’ some natural power from the world around us to our chakras giving us health, wholeness and balance.

Popularity of Crystal Pendants
At the moment, crystal pendants are extremely popular. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, whether or not the wearer attaches meaning to them. In fact, they are so much in demand that literally every department store and online vendor carries a sizable collection of them. From Sears to Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor, there will be no shortage of lovely crystal pendants when choosing a unique and lovely gift this holiday season. Choose a color that is significant or simply choose a pendant that ‘speaks’ to you, the perfect gift is waiting.

Although most fine jewelers and department stores do carry an assortment of crystal pendants, it is actually possible to get the same quality crystals online and most often at significantly lower prices. Do some comparison shopping, find a crystal pendant that suits you or the lady you are gifting it to and then compare the rates between local retailers and those online vendors. Lovely crystal pendants are quite fashionable, and will really never go out of vogue. Whether hand blown Austrian crystal or lovely quartz crystal that is polished, cut with the signature Swarovski cut and treated to bring out those marvelous colors, you just can’t go wrong with a lovely crystal pendant.

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