Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic zirconia has been used in making jewelry for many years. The stones are actually man-made and resemble diamonds and other precious gemstones. The difference, besides the fact that they are not natural gemstones, is often noticed in the cost. Cubic zirconia jewelry costs much less than jewelry made with diamonds or other gemstones. The stones can be cut and shaped to resemble any other gemstone such as emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Cubic zirconia is used widely for making rings and earrings and is an excellent choice for those who want the diamond or real gemstone look without the exorbitant cost.

If you are planning to purchase a pair, or several pairs, of cubic zirconia earrings, you will first need to determine the style of earrings that you want. Again, cubic zirconia can be cut, shaped and sized to resemble real diamonds and other gemstones so you simply have to determine the actual design of the earrings that you want. Hoop earrings, for instance, are typically round or ring shaped. Cubic zirconia hoop earrings may be designed to have just one stone at the base of the earring or contain multiple cubic zirconia stones around the ring. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You should note that the larger the earring or the wider the hoop, the more cubic zirconia you can have on it. Of course, the more stones you incorporate into the design, the heavier the earrings will be. Prices will vary according to the precious metal that is used to design the earrings as well as the number of actual stones on the earrings. Cubic zirconia earrings in the hoop style and set in sterling silver will be a bit cheaper than those set in yellow or white gold. You can typically purchase a pair of hoop earrings with cubic zirconia for anywhere from $30 to more than $100, again depending on the metal and the number of stones included in the design.

Cubic zirconia stud earrings are the most popularly chosen design. They look like diamond solitaires and perfectly compliment any other jewelry pieces and clothing choices. They simply have a post that fits through the ear for pierced earrings or a clasp for those that are not pierced. Cubic zirconia stud earrings are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes as well as colors. Settings vary as well from sterling silver to yellow and white gold in 10K and 14K choices. Platinum is also a popular setting choice and colors may range from white, resembling diamonds, to black, green and red to resemble other precious gemstones.

Again, the cost is what makes most people prefer cubic zirconia earrings over those that contain real precious gemstones. You can typically find a beautiful pair of cubic zirconia earrings for much less than $50, depending on the setting. Styles vary greatly from hoops and studs to drop earrings and offer a wide range of choices. Many jewelry designers produce cubic zirconia earrings in styles that resemble more expensive pieces. This gives you the ability to fashion your look to be one of a higher cost, while still having the affordability that cubic zirconia offers. Many celebrity styles have been copied and reproduced containing cubic zirconia and these are a very popular choice around the world. If you cannot find the specific pair of earrings that you want you can even have them custom designed for you. So, if you notice a pair of beautiful diamond, emerald or ruby earrings on a favorite celebrity and simply cannot find a more affordable option, you can have a pair of cubic zirconia earrings created for you that will exactly mimic the style that you want. Cubic zirconia earrings are a very popular choice even among those that can afford real gemstones. They are brilliant and offer a wide range of style and design choices.

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