Cubic Zirconia Rings

Since the mid 1970’s, cubic zirconia has been the leading competitor in synthetic diamonds and with good reason. Usually it is optically flawless and also free from color. However, colors can be added to cubic zirconia (CZ), so it resembles other stones, or other types and qualities of diamonds. Over the years, several of these shades have trended and some of them have even remained fashionable throughout. Because of its remarkable resemblance to a diamond, quite often it takes a jeweler to tell the difference.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets

Sometimes the groom wants to propose, yet isn’t sure if his lady will want to have a say in the choice of wedding sets. In times like this, it has almost become ‘tradition’ to have a cubic zirconia engagement ring on hand when he finally gets up the courage to ‘pop the question.’ Many lovely rings can be found set in silver, gold or even platinum, and it would tell a real pro to know that she didn’t have a diamond on! There are times when cubic zirconia engagement rings and/or wedding sets are chosen for themselves and not to be replaced at some future point.

Cubic Zirconia as a “Place Holder”
This gives the happy couple plenty of time to find the perfect wedding set with a matching engagement ring and grooms ring if so desired. Other times, young couples starting out don’t have the funds to buy costly diamonds and 18k gold, so cubic zirconia takes the place until they have established themselves financially to afford such an expense. In either case, cubic zirconia really does look lovely and good quality CZ is indistinguishable from genuine diamonds to the naked eye.

Pink Ice Cubic Zirconia Rings are Still Going Strong
Somewhere in the early 1980’s a new fad developed with a remarkable pink cubic zirconia and it was christened “Pink Ice.” Resembling a pink sapphire or a pink diamond, cubic zirconia rings fashioned from pink ice actually look quite expensive when they have been set in gold or platinum. There are variations in the color of pink, so some more resemble spinel or tourmaline, two other (yet lesser known) pink gem stones. Again, the resemblance that pink ice has to the original stone is based on the craftsmanship in the setting as well as the quality of the synthetic stone.

Pink Ice Cubic Zirconia Sets
Pink ice rings have never gone out of style since they hit the market, yet have trended over the years in terms of settings and styles. One year it might be a princess cut that is all the rage, while the next it may be an oval or round cut. Pink ice cubic zirconia rings are quite often part of a set with earrings and pendants. Some settings also include small diamond or other precious stones. With the pink ice stone as the center stone of cubic zirconia rings, the price is kept affordable by adding smaller natural gemstones for added allure.

Because it is almost impossible to tell CZ from diamonds without the aid of a jeweler’s magnifying glass or visor, most people believe the gems are the real thing. They can be crafted in literally any color or shades of a color so that they most closely resemble real stones, and they can be cut in the same manner, set in the same settings, and no one would be any wiser. Whether they are purchased as a ‘place holder’ or as a ‘keeper,’ cubic zirconia rings are remarkably close to natural stones and in the right setting, it might as well be the real thing! The only difference that is immediately obvious is the price, and that’s something to consider!

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