Designer Engagement Rings

Since immemorial times, humans had the habit of marking important occasions or milestones in their lives by wearing special apparel and jewelry. It is only natural to desire only the most exquisite jewelry for one of the most important steps in a person’s life, engagement to the loved one. It is an instinctive wish and people have always pursued such goal with various degrees of success, mainly depending on financial possibilities.

A great way of making sure you will have an engagement ring to your liking is to seek a designer engagement ring. These are custom-made jewelry, created by specialized, skillful jewel crafters. Unlike commercially produced items, which are manufactured by the thousands using the same design, designer engagement rings are crafter after a specific blueprint that follows your exact instructions.

Choosing a designer engagement ring is a great option if you have assorted tastes or you want something unique, unlike any other ring people are wearing. You can translate your vision of the perfect engagement ring into reality by working with a jewelry designer. However, there are some guidelines you should remember when making such purchase.

The procedure of designing your engagement ring will differ from designer to designer. Some prefer to get to know the customers better, learn their personality better and use it as a source of inspiration, as well as know their preferences when it comes to the style of the ring. Others only accept clients with specific design goals in mind, who have clearly decided upon the appearance of their engagement rings.

If you have a finite design in your mind for your engagement ring and you have agreed upon it with your future fiancée, then you need a designer to simply translate your clear vision into an actual ring. On the other hand, if you have only general ideas of how you want your engagement ring to look like or you simply want certain design elements included, but you are not sure about the entire ring, then you have to seek a professional, skilled jewelry designer to guide you with his or her advice and shape your ideas and preferences into reality.

Either way, it is extremely important to request a sketch or a prototype blueprint of your future custom engagement ring, before proceeding with the actual creation process. This way, you will be sure that the designer has clearly understood your ideas and, as a result, you will get exactly what you have initially envisioned. It is customary that a designer will not start crafting your engagement ring unless the sketch passes your inspection. This is in both parties’ best interest and avoids potential misunderstandings that waste time and create frustration on both sides.

The obvious step after agreeing with your designer upon the engagement ring’s overall design is to request a quote, or an estimate on the price of the finished piece. In order to protect yourself from paying more than you can afford for your engagement ring, it is advisable to clearly understand the price requested by the jeweler and ask to be contacted if the initial budget that you have agreed upon is exceeded.

One last aspect to keep in mind when choosing designer engagement rings is that, unlike commercial jewelry, they are not mass produced, and as a result, it takes time to create a custom piece.  Be aware that the length of the crafting process ranges from a couple of days to several months, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of the materials required. You should plan this carefully and keep in mind that a designer engagement ring will attend to your patience, even though you provide a clear, detailed ring design, plus the basic materials needed.

As a conclusion, it should be noted that an important event in your life such as the engagement to your loved one could be marked in a special manner, and offering a designer engagement ring is one of the best choices. Even though it will take a while to receive your custom ring, the wait is well worth – such meticulous process, involving great attention to intricate details, will certainly yield a unique, exquisitely crafted engagement ring, perfectly suited to you and your future fiancée.

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