Diamond Circle Pendant

Diamond circle pendants are, without doubt, one of the most popular items of jewelry. Their popularity will, obviously, have much to do with their beauty, although they also have a certain symbolic meaning. Diamond Circle pendants will generally symbolize eternity, or in other words – there is no end. When a Diamond Circle pendant is normally gifted, this will most commonly symbolize eternal love. The best explanation of this is that there is no beginning or end to a circle in a pendant, and the exact same can be said of true love.

This wonderful sentiment can be conveyed by you, by gifting a beautiful diamond circle pendant to your loved one, whether this is a female member of your family, your wife or your partner. The actual meaning of a diamond circle pendant may have numerous outcomes, and this will very much depend on who you are and how you look at it. For many people, a circle will mean that life has gone full circle, whereas for others it will typically mean that love has no end. With that said, many people may choose to purchase a diamond circle pendant merely because it is a beautiful, and fashionable, item of jewelry.

Diamond circle pendants will generally come in a varying range of sizes and these will usually suit many different people’s budgets. You will also find that these beautiful pendants come in various colors, which will mean that you can find one to specifically suit an outfit in your wardrobe. The reason that they are so popular will differ, whereas some may choose to purchase a diamond circle pendant for more traditional reasons, others may simply be fashion conscious youngsters.

Diamond circle pendants will usually be worn with a chain made from a certain precious metal. This may include yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver. They are known to portray elegance and will have an extreme brightness, which will merely be enhanced by a suitable precious metal. You can also wear a pendant with another necklace that contains various other gemstones as well. The circular metal will generally have a number of diamonds embedded into it, although there are certain pendants that simply encompass a single diamond. The diamonds will then sparkle and glitter around your throat and this will also enhance any specific attire you choose to wear.

Diamonds, as they say, are a girl’s best friend, and a diamond circle pendant is definitely no exception. A diamond circle pendant can also be worn alone without any other items of jewelry, and will definitely make a bold statement. The quality cut diamonds will sparkle and literally light up any room. Circle pendants are most often gifted for weddings and anniversaries, although they have recently become popular as a graduation gift. A Diamond Circle pendant that is given as a graduation gift will generally symbolize the completion of your first phase of life. This type of pendant will usually suit any type of clothing, although it will definitely look at its best when worn with a black dress with a low neckline. This will give you a classy, yet formal look.

As mentioned, Diamond Circle pendants are able to be set in both yellow and white gold. However, with that said, 14 carat gold settings are known to be the most practical although you will also find pendants available in 10 carat and 18 carat gold as well. Many jewelers actually hold custom collections that are specifically built around Diamond Circle pendants.

You will find that there are various designs of Diamond Circle pendants. Some are extremely extravagant, whereas others are practical and simple. It is always important that you should check the strength of the chain that the pendant comes with. You will want to ensure that the chain is durable and is strong enough to hold the pendant in place for many years to come. Unfortunately, you may often come across a beautiful diamond circle pendant, but the chain is extremely fragile or even too short.

The diamond circle pendant is often referred to as the circle of life pendant, and is most popular on a white gold chain. White gold settings and, indeed, white gold chains are known to allow the brilliance of a cut diamond to fulfill its maximum potential. You will typically find that a circle of life pendant will have approximately 15 to 20 round cut diamonds, which will simply create a spectacular aura. The price of a diamond circle pendant will vary, and this will very much depend on the style, type and cut of diamonds. You may be able to purchase a fairly inexpensive version for under $100, whereas some of the more extravagant Diamond Circle pendants will cost well in excess of $1000. The choice is, of course, all yours, although you are bound to find one of these beautiful items of jewelry to suit any budget.

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