Diamond Cross Pendants

The cross has been a strong religious symbol for Christians throughout the years, and is still popular today. Wearing a cross pendant is not only a symbol of religious preference; it has also become a fashion statement. Crosses represent history, and many are worn for their aesthetic appeal. For centuries, the cross has been a popular design, and when combined with the brilliance of diamonds, is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Historians have found evidence of cross pendants dating back to 1000 ad. The most significant meaning of the cross is as its representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Before becoming the main symbol of Christianity, other cross shaped symbols existed. The most popular is the ansated cross, or the ankh. The ankh was a popular symbol used by ancient Egyptians. The symbol is the hieroglyphic sign for life and was worn by priests. Early Christians did not use the cross as a symbol. At that time crucifixions were still done on wooden stakes, making the cross a reminder of a gruesome execution method. Crucifixes became popular among Christians in the early third century. In modern times, the cross is viewed by Christians to be a reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus life to save mankind from sin.

Three of the most popular cross designs are; Celtic, Western, and Orthodox. Many cross designs combine Christian influence and cultural values. The best example of this is the Celtic cross. As the influence of Christianity spread, the design evolved to incorporate the style of the particular civilization. Celtic art is based on nature and does not have straight lines. Therefore, crosses in this style are rounded with intricate knot work in the center. Many of the Celtic cross designs incorporate symbols that originated in Paganism. Before their conversion, the Celts were Pagans. Celtic crosses may also be called the “Irish High Cross.”

The Western or Latin cross has a traditional design. It is based on the simple Greek design with a longer vertical bar than the horizontal. Artists add different decorative elements to the design making this a very popular choice. The shape of the cross is also meant to represent the four books of the Gospel; Matthew, mark, Luke, and John.

The Orthodox cross is a very traditional design that originated in Eastern Europe. Based on the Byzantine Empire art, the cross is varied but based on some core elements. The main difference in design is the additional line. The Orthodox cross has the two usually lines, similar to the Western cross, but also has another line towards the bottom. This line is meant to represent Jesus footrest on the cross. It is also slanted with the left end being higher. The symbolism for the angled line is that on Jesus left side was the righteous criminal, and on his right was the unrighteous. It is also common to find the letters IC and XC on the arm of the cross. These are the Greek letters for the name Jesus Christ.

The most common materials for a cross pendant include; platinum, sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold. Sterling silver is the least expensive of these metals. It is made of pure silver and combined with alloy materials for strength. Sterling silver will not tarnish and is an affordable option for jewelry. White and yellow gold are both durable materials that are commonly used in jewelry. White gold is more expensive than yellow, and is commonly used as an alternative to platinum which is a softer metal. In addition to diamonds, the cross may also contain other gems, especially in the center. Some cross pendants may contain a single diamond set in precious metal, while others may contain several small stones that make the cross shape. The value of the pendant will depend on the value of the diamonds, metal used for setting, and craftsmanship.

When buying a pendant, it is helpful to first consider what size chain you will place it on. Choose a chain length using string in mirror to measure where you want the pendant to sit. Common chain lengths are from 16 to 24 inches in increments of two inches. A string is the best tool to measure your neck. It will sit naturally similar to a chain. Most common size is at least two sizes more than your neck measurement. Keep in mind that the pendant size will affect where the necklace sits.

Your pendant can become dirty from close contact with your skin. Store bought cleaners can be used, but avoid ultrasonic cleaners. Instead a simple solution of ammonia and cold water can be used. A soft bristle brush should be sufficient for removing dirt or debris from the pendant. Your local jeweler can also clean your diamond pendant, at the same time inspecting it for loose prongs.

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