Diamond Eternity Bands

The diamond eternity band was originally designed as a token which to symbolize everlasting love. These rings are designed with an unbroken band of diamonds that have no beginning or end. There are two types of diamond eternity bands. The full diamond eternity band and the half band.

When considering what type of diamond eternity band they would like to purchase, the consumer needs to know that there are two different types of diamond eternity bands. There is the full diamond eternity band and the half eternity band. The full band of diamonds are set so that the diamonds are connected all the way around the band of the ring. Due to this, the diamonds that are used in these rings must be uniform in size. Most of the diamonds that are used in these types of settings need to be small to make the ring wearable as well.

This makes a gorgeous piece of jewelry however these rings can be uncomfortable when worn for a long period of time due to their design. IN addition, due to the way that the diamonds are set in these rings, it is almost impossible to cut them or add more material in order to resize them once the ring has been made. Most of the full diamond eternity bands have to be custom made for the wearer. The majority of jewelers do not carry these as samples or as stock items. These types of eternity bands are far more expensive than their counterparts.

The half band type of diamond eternity band contains diamonds that are placed on the face or the top half of the ring. The back of the ring is a plain gold or platinum band. In these types of settings, larger diamonds can be used for the setting. The band area on the ring allows these rings to be manipulated so they can be sized up or down in order to fit the wearer. These rings can be pre-made and kept in stock in a jewelry store. This makes this type of diamond eternity band much more affordable when it comes to matter of price.

Diamond eternity bands are designed as a symbol of eternal love so they are excellent gifts for those occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. They can be given to celebrate the birth of a child or for any other reason. They can also be used for a just because I love you gift. They are wonderful pieces of jewelry that show anyone that they are special in the eyes of the gift giver.

For those people whose taste does not accommodate or like diamonds, eternity rings can be made with other stones. Diamonds are the most common stone that are used in eternity rings however some people desire other types of stones in their setting so eternity rings with emerald, ruby, and sapphire settings can be found if desired.

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