Diamond Watches

A diamond watch is a symbol of high class. It’s a fashion statement for some people; a beautifully crafted watch for others. Diamond watches come in a large range of styles and designs, and can range in price from a couple hundred of dollars, right up to a few thousand for the top end makes. Whatever your budget and style, you are bound to find something you like using our help. We cut out all the hard work, so you can come straight to our site and browse through our hand picked watches.

Many people assume the concept of a cheap diamond watch sounds too good to be true, and they never get round to buying one. This is a shame, because they are a really nice thing to have, they’re relatively inexpensive… especially considering the amount of work and material that goes into making a diamond watch. If you’re looking for a Diamond Watch you’ve just found the right website: we invest a lot of time and resources looking for the best makes and the best deals from across the Internet, so that people like you can make an informed decision without having to waste time doing research and doing comparisons. If you feel this is a useful resource, feel free to let your friends and family know about it!

What is a Diamond Watch , after all?
If you’ve never seen a Diamond Watch, you might find the glamor somewhat intimidating,but it’s actually simple. You can try to imagine Diamond Watches as a different kind of watch, more glamors and high profile than regular watches available on high streets. Diamond watches can be made in many different ways. A classic design is to have small diamonds going around the outside of the dial, which looks really neat and can really give the watch that extra bit of class. Other designs include the diamonds on the inside of the watch positioned where the time markings are, and in some cases diamonds even stretch out along the watch hands themselves.

Diamond watches are available in loads of different brands, some designer and some not. For cheaper watches, Calvin Klein do a couple great female models, which are relatively inexpensive (around $200). These watches look great in gold, and come with a really stylish black strap. They are readily available in a range of styles and sizes, and can go well with any woman’s skin tone.

For a mid range watch, Emporio Armani do some fantastic good value watches. Available for ladies and gentlemen, they mimic the Rolex designer look, without the huge price tag attached with them. Starting at around $400 and going up to around $1000, the Armani watches are all hand made, and most come as a two color watch, usually a mixture of gold and silver.

Another mid range make, is Burberry. A famous traditional make, Burberry deliver quality and show off their expertize, at fairly fair prices. Their “ready to wear” collection features some iconic details from its long heritage. Burberry somehow manage to put a modern spin on traditional watches, which really makes them stand out from other watch manufactores. Availble from around $500, they come in a few different colours styles.

As for the high range models of diamond watches, the famous watch making company TAG do some great diamond watches. With price tags from around $1200 right up to $10,000, their watches are made with the finest attention to detail, and most come with lifetime guarantees. A popular ladies model is the formula 1 model, which retails at around $1500 – $1600 depending on where you get it from. Whilst it may be a simple design, the elegance it gives off means it’s a popular choice for woman around the world. Featuring a sleek black dial, with diamonds set into the bezel, this eye catching masterpiece is sure to make a good impression.

For the luxury end of things, Omega do some fantastic watches,with a pretty mind blowing price tag to go alongside with it. Starting at around $12,000, these Omega watches are pure class, and would show any woman off in public. With diamons set around the dial, and a sleek black wrist strap, the watch is a fantastic piece of jewelry, but the price tag does have a tendancy to make some people think twice before purchasing. Rest assured however, that the watch is made with the finest attention to detail, and Omega giv a lifetime battery guarantee with all their watches, regardless of the conditions they are kept in.

A last few things to remember
Remember, purchasing an expensive watch isn’t something to rush into doing. It’s worth spending time to work out exactly you want to get before you even start browsing, and you need to set yourself a price which you will stick to as much as possible. This way, you can get a more realistic buying experience, without getting lost in the high end models which could be up to 10 times your budget.

Always measure your wrist correctly if the watches come in different sizes, as it is a lot easier to get it right from the start, and saves you a lot of hassle from trying to return the goods. Even if you see something you are really happy with, sleep it over for a night or two, just to be sure your mind doesn’t change Remember, you shouldn’t be influenced by what your friends say, don’t instantly buy something because your friends all say how lovely it looks. Make sure you are completely happy with the watch first before you jump straight into buying it.

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